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Murray Park?

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[quote pid='47676' dateline='1238699787']
What music does bass listen to?
kwaito ?? LOL!!

Jeez !!  :blue-sad:

Some feedback on what I experienced at murray park.

Camped at murray park - toilets disgusting, No park or ablution lights. were inundated with day visitors +- 50 taxi's loaded and playing loud bass music, droned all day. Bottles thrown into roads, even all the way to main road. To top it all could not leave camp because thevies doing rounds for last 2 weekends. :blue-shock:
The dam is overgrown wth slime and thick weed - not much place to fish left in the dam.
Only caught few small bass.

To top it all off my son was crapped on by a worker reeking of drink for skateboarding on the cement on the side of the hall !!! I wonder why he did'nt instead stop the crowds playing loud music and destroying the area. :blue-mad:

Wont be going there again soon. Managment need to jackup the camp.


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