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Avid Freshwater Fisherman looking to socialize - Cape Town

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Morning Walter,

Thanks for your cheerful response Smile

The V-Toad comes with Rod Holders in the sense of Velcro Straps - I stand corrected but I believe these floats are more focused on Fly Fishing. However, I will make some modifications to better carry my Bass Rods. Planning on using 3 Rods with different setups.

Woman, they will never understand our need for more rods and tackle, but don't you dare say something about their 10+ amount of shoes.... Wink

I've done the same in shops...sneaking up on other buyers and popping the, where do you fish? Usual response is somewhat....."yeeeaaaah over by that dam or this river".

I'm currently looking to get into groups or some kickboating group but will need to dig around for that. Kickboating seems to have died down in Western Cape? Not sure but except for SABAA I don't really see groups locally.


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