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Avid Freshwater Fisherman looking to socialize - Cape Town

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The Froggy V Toad does look awesome and I wish you many happy hours of fishing.
I looked at a few options locally, but my fishing partner asked why I did just not use a tractor tyre.
Women Gmph!
To be honest, I think that I would prefer it over a pontoon as well. (The froggy that is)
How many rods can you carry with you and does it have a wet well?

I found the lack of sharing private spots quite common here in Gauteng as well.
I would pounce on unsuspecting anglers in the fishing shops while they where choosing there soft baits to ask where they fish and they would reply that it is a private dam. Invite only they would say.

I think that some fishermen have damaged the reputation of the sport by being what we call "Dam duikers".
I would recommend that you join a club. Simply tag along on the outings and before you know it, someone will invite you to join them at a private dam. (Then you come back to the site and tell us all where it is Smile )
Walter Kutcher

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