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Heia Safari

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Hey guys who of you have fished there and have you had any luck?
S'up SG?

Heia can be a super tough dam. Its a nice place to visit, great to take the Mrs along too as she can chill under the tree's and do the picnic thing with the Gerry's and Zebra's whilst you fish.

[Image: Heia.JPG]

Spots 1 ~ 4 were my better area's. I used a black fluke on swimming hook, as well as dark senco's on texas rigs.
Spot 5 is picture perfect structure, so I'd suggest jigs for the trees close to the dam wall. Maybe toss some DD22's along the tree's as well.
Spots 6 ~ 7 can produce, but they are hit big time by the pap-goiers and bankers. If you go mid week, these area's should be open to fish, if on a weekend you'll have to contend with the brandy and coke brigade.
The Hycinth can be problematic in the cove's and river section. I never had any luck when the cover was at its peak.

You can launch a boat there, just trolling motor only. They get upset if you crank a 200hp merc from the launch to the river section.
Watch out for hippo's, carp and barbel. Be cautious of submerged tree's going into the river section.
Do a google earth history time line of the place and you'll find a lot more structure than you imagined.
Beautiful dam But very difficult to fish , has so much potential . Love to fish there :blue-sad:
I used to fish a lot there about 4 years ago. When bank fishing I caught a lot of fish along the area 6. Also on the boat I have caught good fish in area1/5 and the river section above 3. Mainly pitching various baits like Tubes/ Flukes and Lizards. Spinnerbaits work well also in this dam. Try roll them over the limbs of the trees. Try pitching into the big trees in bay 1 as I have caught big fish in those trees. In December last year I fished a half day session there and caught 4 good fish in the bay marked 1.
Team Aquamarine
Thanks guys, I go there often to swaaipap and do a little bass fishing but have really battled for bass!
Just out of interest Heia dam will be closed for any form of fishing/ picnicing as of 1st of March... :blue-evil:
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Some sort of Legal issue...
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A nature conservancy is being proclaimed and includes the surrounding land.
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