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Mabote river camp

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Hey there just booked next weekend at mabote, has anyone been there?
This is the first time I will be fishing there.

If any one wants to go there check out <!-- w --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- w -->

Approximately 64km west from the town Potgietersrus. Mabote opened in1998 and is run by the Peens family. The camp is magnificently situated along the river and overlooks a vast rock face. Other areas of interest around the camp are for instance the very popular and breathtaking walking trails to the spectacular waterfalls.
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Does anyone think what i am thinking....FROGS
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looks great, let us know what you catch
Will do that, I hope to catch my first 2 kg bass, these little guys are fun but i need to go bigger.
Frogs - yes please. Place looks amazing!! Give us a full report, and hopefully you get to play with a few 2kg girls as well...
3 days to go before the weekend’s trip. I'm feeling very optimistic. Here fishy fishy.

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Well off we go, I'll be sure to post a report but the weather for the weekend seems great. There's only 2 exceptional times to fish when it’s raining and when its not. Seems like its going to be both this weekend. Oh how excited am I. :blue-lol:
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Caught 2 small fish about 200g on a deep diving crank and a mepps spinner . 3 Ranging between 1kg and 1.4 kg on poppers.

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