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New Member - Vaughanza - 01-07-2015

Goodday to all, my name is Vaughan. Thanks for amassing site. Tons of information and tips.

I am beginner to Bass fishing, bought myself a kickboat and the rest of the gear. Done three trips and caught a few bass. Hoping to start doing more bass fishing , just finding places to fish is the trick. Living in the Pinetown area.

Thanks again for a awesome site.


Re: New Memeber - Duggle_Doogle - 01-07-2015

Welcome Vaughan. Im new too and im learning alot. Loving it. Enjoy

Re: New Memeber - johannerasmus81 - 01-07-2015

hey Duggle.

Welcome to the site! agree with you - loads of cool info on this site,


Re: New Memeber - KingDon - 01-07-2015

Hi Vaughan,
You are going to enjoy this site a warm welcome to you

Re: New Memeber - Ninja - 01-08-2015

Welcome to the site! :blue-biggrin:

Re: New Memeber - Jeremy - 01-08-2015

Welcome Vaughan. I see you from my neck of the woods.

I would say your main options would be Inanda, Nagle and Hazelmere dam for a kickboat.

Re: New Memeber - Navrik - 01-08-2015

Welcome to the site. Enjoy your stay! Hope to see lots of pictures of nice bass from you!