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Newbie taking on R50 Dam - Cornflakes - 07-26-2013

Afternoon Gents
Ive been going to the R50 dam for the last 2 years of so but only the carp side, I would like to start taking up bass fishing. I was at the Bass dam sometime last year and caught a little bass on Mepps Black Fury 3/4 (had to go look that up). Ive got a rod and reel, some tackle I got from family and friends (mostly what they couldn't catch with)
I would appreciate any tips on tackle I can get to target the Bass in the dam as I plan on starting to learn on this dam, all the fishing will be of the bank.

Thanks Guys

- Navrik - 07-26-2013

Welcome to the site Cornflakes. There is a ton of information on here and feel free to ask questions if you don't understand something.

- love_basssing - 07-26-2013

At this stage you can throw Dinamite in there and you won't get anything :blue-badgrin: the dam is 90% empty and "under construction"ts been like that for about 3months.the farmer really doesn't know what he is doing. He rips a hole in the wall every year about this time and sais he's working on it,maybe try next year feb,by then he should be done.I doubt that there is gonna be any fish left,the herons and cormarants are cruising around picking off fish,the deep end has like 2ft of water in it.

2 years ago you could go for 3 hours and nail 15 fish.after a while every fish you caught had a torn mouth or broken jaw from all the ouens miss treating fish.also you are lucky if you pick up one fish for 5hours and its all dinks,that's when the dam has some water in it.

I'm only going back if the dam is 100% full and restocked with some new bass.

In my honest opinion he is raping guys 50bucks at a time.

I'm heading too heiea with the tube too meet up with another guy from the site too doo. Some fishing if you're keen to join?

Maybe try jackson dam or rietvlei zoo farm if u don't want too go far.

There is a place called fishing and camping on the n12 about 30km outside alberton towards westonaria. R60 too fish with some small boats you can use.

Love_ bassing - Spud - 07-26-2013

Will be at Heia about 7 ish on Sunday any body else welcome to join. I go to where the rowing boats go out. People can also fish from the bank there catch a couple of nic ones there.

- Debbie - 07-30-2013

How has Heia been fishing?

Heia - Spud - 07-30-2013

Hey Debbie,
Wasn't too great got one and the wind picked up Sooo left will try next weekend my motto is never to give up !!!!

- Southpaw - 07-30-2013

On a slow day the wind is your friend.
Stick around once it has started blowing and go the bank the wind is blowing to...spinnerbait.

Re: Newbie taking on R50 Dam - Sean Murphy - 01-21-2015

Quite a lot of work has been done at R50 dam. The dam that was completely choked up with reads has been cleared out and turned into two new dams.

There are now 4 dams there and they are busy fixing it up quite nicely. The up side for me is that this venue is only 10 minutes from my house so I have been fishing there quite regularly as well lately. I have had a few good bites and my kids have caught a couple of fish

Here are two my kids caught at these dams recently.

[Image: 846d4fd4-8599-4dc7-a9ab-df413821e646_zpsc6ff16bc.jpg]

[Image: ba4359e9-bd4e-4c25-9bd8-bc6504cc2bd6_zps208ab0b5.jpg]


Re: Newbie taking on R50 Dam - Cornflakes - 01-21-2015

Hey Sean
What did you catch the Bass on?

Re: Newbie taking on R50 Dam - Sean Murphy - 01-21-2015

Cornflakes, both of these were caught on spinners. Mostly yellow in colour.


Re: Newbie taking on R50 Dam - Cornflakes - 01-21-2015

Thanks, will have to give the dam a go again

Re: Newbie taking on R50 Dam - Sean Murphy - 01-21-2015

I see you are also in Alberton. Maybe we can make a plan and go there one day together.


Re: Newbie taking on R50 Dam - GHOST199618 - 01-25-2015

Hi everyone. could someone maybe tell me where this dam is. Directions or co ordinates would be much appreciated.

Re: Newbie taking on R50 Dam - Sean Murphy - 01-26-2015

It is situated off the road that goes down to the Rand Water Eikenhof pumping station. This is the road that turns off Kliprivier Rd next to the light aeroplane air field.

At the point where the Cemetery boundary fence starts there is a yellow sign board on the right hand side of the road saying "Roodt Oord", next to a large gate. Turn right off the road and enter this gate. Drive down on the dirt road about 1km and you will see the dams and the resort.

Hope this helps.


Re: Newbie taking on R50 Dam - GHOST199618 - 01-26-2015

Ok cool thanks sean. Appreciate it. il maybe go check it this weekend. Any suggested lures for this place?