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My Old Man's New Ride - Mikeh - 06-01-2012

Hi Guys, Im submitting this article on behalf of my old man, John Halstead:

After a somewhat disappointing experience with getting a boat built in Cape Town in the latter part of last year, I decided to take the plunge and order a Rogue from Alan Fagan of Predator Bass Boats – a rig that I have long been admiring and wanting – this has to have been the best decision I have made in a long bass fishing career – from beginning to end I was treated like Alan’s only customer with constant updates, feedback and great service.

Yes, there were the odd niggling delays ( mainly as a result of my wanting small modifications being made) but the extra three weeks between expected and actual delivery were well worth the wait and I have a final product that is the envy of many, and a rig that compares favourably with all others locally manufactured, and many imported boats.

Alan , who appears to have spent his entire working career in the boat building game, previously in Zim and now SA is a true craftsman, is flexible, is prepared to listen to new innovative ideas and include them in his builds, the end result being my rig which is slightly different to all other Rogues, with a custom built hinged step in the cockpit, local custom made seats, imported rod straps, imported carpets ( with a neoprene underlay) aluminium hatches, aluminium petrol tank, custom gel coat design and stripes – the pictures tell the story !!

And the first outing and maiden voyage took place only two days after delivery, at our last (Clearwater BM) inhouse of the year, at Bronkies two weekends ago – and you guessed, the Rogue took biggest fish and in house win.

But before that ( thank goodness I arrived on the Friday ‘cos for the first few minutes anyone watching would have sworn it was my first time behind the wheel of a boat) with a Evinrude 225 E-TEC fitted on a 10” jackplate, I have a veritable pocket rocket – it took a fair while to get used to the hole shot, the amazing acceleration and great ride and furthermore everything worked as it should – no problems.

Obviously there is still a lot to learn about this rig, how it handles at top speed ( which should be in excess of 125kph), how it handles in rough water etc, but feedback thus far is that this is an amazing machine – aptly named “Picasso” cos she is a true work of art !

If anyone has any queries I will be happy to answer and I can be contacted.

[Image: IMG00123-20120516-1718.jpg]
[Image: IMG00124-20120516-1718.jpg]
[Image: IMG00125-20120516-1719.jpg]

- Roy - 06-01-2012

I have just gone a darker shade of green!!

All I can say is very nice congratulations and I hope this work of art brings you and your old man many hours of joy and plenty big fish.


- porgee - 06-01-2012

Awesome rig - enjoy!

- dreamfish - 06-01-2012

That looks awesome! :blue-cool:

- Jeremy - 06-01-2012

Wowee :blue-cool: very nice rig indeed. Congrats to the old man. :eusa_clap:

- Ryanie - 06-01-2012

Beautiful guys wishing you best fishes from her decks!

- Ernst - 06-01-2012

Great ride very nice .

- Ninja - 06-01-2012

Wow the rig looks awesome! Congrats! :mrgreen:

- robfisher - 06-01-2012

Sweet ride! Awesome John'Ooooooooo! :blue-biggrin:

- Navrik - 06-01-2012

This does not translate. "Mooi was nog nooit lelik gewees nie". Congrats and many happy days on the water

- August - 06-01-2012


- Bakerboy - 06-04-2012

I got Alan's forth boat (Tornado) and i am very happy she is very stable and very fast so much so that i dont travel over 125 as its to fast!! It can probabaly go much more because the revs are at 5200 at that speed. I hope you have as many happy miles as I have!!

- BassRat - 06-04-2012

Sjoe Very nice boat .......

- Riprap - 06-04-2012

The need for speed is dangerous when you are below MLC (Mid life crisis) level. :blue-question:

Re: My Old Man's New Ride - zulu66 - 01-23-2017

can I get your number to give you a call to discuss this boat?