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Koekedouw/Stettynskloof - Smiley - 01-20-2012

Hey Guys,

Has anyone been fishing at these venues? Koekedouw/Stettynskloof Any good? Can you launch a boat on them?

- GK - 01-20-2012

Wasn't one of the KBT comps held at Stettynskloof?

As far as Koekedouw is concerned the following: The CPS had the fishing rights one the dam until recently, but lost it. (the story is that is was due to some members' attitudes and conduct, but I cant ratify that) Anyway, i've fished the dam a few times targetting the largies (the CPS stocked it heavily with trout, apparently rainbows as well as browns) with some success. The bass seem to be either huge 2,5kg plus or real dinks (15 to 20cm). Unfortunately the large fish are very few and far between.

So for the time being Koekedouw is off limits, but watch this space.

- Mick - 03-05-2012

Is there no access to Koekedouw dam now that CPS have lost their access?