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Goedertrouw Trip Final - robfisher - 12-13-2006

Guy?s time is running out and we need to make plans? Goedertrouw on the 21st and 22nd.

Rob, Arthur, Tom (brother brothers-in-law) on the Team Dinger Boat. We are going to stay overnight at Shakaland.

Fab what?s your status?
Oli what?s your status?
Norkie is going to do one day at the dam and drive home later. Which day you gonna do?
Richard is looking for a spot on a boat.
Shannon you indicated you may come?
Anyone else?

I want to book my room and ask them if they can provide a car guard for both days.

- Shannon - 12-13-2006

Rob I'm keen on taking a drive up there, but I'm gonna have to play it by ear. It has to be passed by management. :roll:
If I do come up I am also only going to come for one day.

Maybe I need to get some contact details from you guys or will you be on this site until then?

- oli - 12-13-2006

hi rob ,
i am still keen but i dont know if i can get accomodation at this late stage, if you can give me contact details of where you are staying i can give them a call tomorow.

- robfisher - 12-13-2006

Hi All,

Based on our last trip to Goedertrouw I have to agree with Shannon?s sentiments of making sure the weather is right? most of the guys appear to only want to do a day trip so we will do the same? I suggest we head off to the dam at 04:30? fish the day and then have a quiet drink to discuss the day and then head home. I guess the 21st is the best day for all.

All of us should be on the web site Shannon? I will PM you my details just in case.

- Fab - 12-14-2006

Gents, I'm in!!!! :lol:

I reckon King Dinger, we should leave earlier that 4:30....It will take about 2hrs to get there and by like 4:30 it is slooooowly starting to get light already..... I reckon 3o'clockk departure..... by the time we are on the water it is PRIME FUUUUSHING TIME!!!!! :evil: :twisted: 8)

What you all reckon ???? 8O :roll: :wink:

:twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

- robfisher - 12-14-2006

I was trying to remember how long it took us last time? Ya we should leave around 03:00?ish! You worked out whether you have a passenger on the boat yet?

- bassmaster - 12-14-2006

I wish I could go to! :evil:

Just testing the email alerts....hehehe Sad

- robfisher - 12-14-2006

Thanks BM? I will have you at Goedertrouw in spirit!

- bassmaster - 12-14-2006

I just hope the dam produces the fish I have heard about. I am sure I do not have to state the obvious but loads of pics will be great! Big Grin

And the emails are working again... I wonder if it happens to everyone or just us?

- robfisher - 12-14-2006

Hiya BM? Well I have heard a lot about the PIGS at Goedertrouw but I have yet to see one in real life? the last time there was a bust? a new PB would be nice?

Still no emails but we have had some trouble with our mail server today and it?s trying to catch up now? holding thumbs!

- Fab - 12-14-2006

robfisher Wrote:I was trying to remember how long it took us last time… Ya we should leave around 03:00’ish! You worked out whether you have a passenger on the boat yet?

Haven't worked out the partner story yet king dingaling!!! :wink: :roll: :wink:

:twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

- Fab - 12-14-2006

Has anybody managed to sort out a car guad yet??? 8O

:twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

- robfisher - 12-14-2006

Nope? any ideas Fab or anyone else?

- Ninja - 12-15-2006

My situation is the same as Shannon's....I have to get pass management on this one and for good reasons:

Albert Falls on 18, 19 & 20 Dec.
Wife's work function on evening of 20th Dec.
Aniversary on 22 Dec (22 years maried of which 21 year I did not fish).

So if I can get past managemnt to squeeze Goudertrouw in on 21 Dec I will be in like a flash!

Fab if I do go you can catch a lift with me.

- Fab - 12-15-2006

Aish.... we need to try get someone to watch the cars.... We have a club meeting tonight and I'll see if we can organise something!!!! :roll: :wink:

Norkie, when are you putting it to management??? I've already told management and got stamp of approval!!!! :roll: :wink: Big Grin

:twisted: :twisted: :twisted: