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Fingerlings - Hayden - 09-22-2008

I was wondering if it is possible to get hold of small (10 cm or less) largies and/or smallies in the cape. I wanna keep two or three fish in a tank, but I cant think of any one close ish to get them. can any one suggest or help me out??? thnx

- Fab - 09-23-2008

Cast net boet!!!! lmao.... :blue-badgrin:

Sorry, not helpful.... :blue-redface:

:twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

- bassmaster - 09-23-2008

Hey Chicken man

Wiat a few weeks and then go to the uct dam. You can catch them with a net there...

- Bergie - 09-23-2008

It's illegal to transport fiss without a permit boet!!!!.. :blue-rolleyes: :blue-biggrin:
fiss,fiss and fiss often!

- bassmaster - 09-23-2008

It's also illegal to drink and drive :blue-shock: :blue-rolleyes:

- Bergie - 09-23-2008

I dont.....I pull over and drink cos i'm scared i'm gonna spill it in my lap!!!....... :blue-badgrin: :blue-biggrin: :blue-lol:
fiss,fiss and fiss often!

- VX70 - 09-23-2008

One can easily catch them with a small 1 inch grub on a no 18 hook.. if you feel that the net isn’t doing it for you ..

- Hayden - 09-23-2008

Thnx guys. Ya BM, it was the small fish in UCT dam that got me onto the idea. There were plenty of them on sunday, and when I was on campus on monday, I looked and they had all moved elsewhere. I'm sure I will cum right. Thnx

- SteadyEddy - 09-23-2008

Stop faffing & lets hit Stettynskloof for smallies

- Ninja - 09-25-2008

Poltry you can also get them on fly, especialy in summer. I got two small ones (+ - 4-5cm) about a year ago which I put into my tank at home.

It is a pain however to feed them as they prefer live food but it is possible to get them to feed on artificial food. I manged to get one of them to feed on bits. He has been in the tank for about a year now and thinks he owns the place. :blue-lol: