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Ebenezer fishing tips - SG - 05-08-2008

Hi all

I have recently moved to Limpopo and joined the Ebenezer boat club. Tried fishing there but no luck. What works and does drop shot work?
Are there any other smaller dams in or around polokwane?


- Vlam - 05-08-2008

If you want you can travel to Tzaneen dam for some bass brother stays in Polokwane and he has mentioned to me before that there are some small dams near Haenertsburg where you can fish from the bank.

Tzaneen dam - SG - 06-16-2008


Is there anyone that can physically show me the ropes? I stay in polokwane but mostly fish Tzaneen or ebernezer dam? Battle to even get a bite and seem to be using what others are using.