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Midmar - robfisher - 11-22-2007


OK a few of the Slip-weigh Club boys are heading for Midmar on Sunday… anyone been fishing there lately and can give any advice?

We will be leaving Kloof at Four AM and stopping for petrol and coffee at that garage half way...

- Terminator - 11-23-2007

My best advice would be to hit a right at Pmb, and go to Albert Falls!

- robfisher - 11-23-2007

Hehehehe... I am so tempted but I simply have to give that dam a go... especially seeing we are fishing the 2 man challenge in Feb!

- drew - 11-23-2007

Hi Rob.

Gareth-John will be there on Sunday... I think, or at least that's what we discussed before I was told I have to work this weekend :blue-evil:

He's your man for Midmar. apparently lots of fish holding on deep rock piles. Drop shot is your answer for that... tight lines.

- robfisher - 11-23-2007

Lekker! I'll give him a shout! Thanks Drew!

- andrer - 11-23-2007

good gonna need it

- Terminator - 11-23-2007

Catching bass a Midmar is easy. Catching bass over 300mm at Midmar is not easy!

- pomerob - 11-23-2007

Then RobF will think he's at home on Inanda :blue-badgrin: :blue-badgrin:

- robfisher - 11-23-2007

Well I hope to get a none Inanda feeling on Sunday and land a PIG!

- Terminator - 11-23-2007

That's the weird thing about Midmar - you may battle, but then you may catch a 5.5 kg fish!

- robfisher - 11-23-2007

IN that case I hope I do both!