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Inanda Dam Full - robfisher - 11-21-2007

Inanda Dam Full

Now I know how Inanda Dam went from so low to full overnight… I heard at our club meeting tonight that one of the chaps was having a party in the pump house at Nagle and moved a level by mistake… Nagle is now at 8%

- Smeegle - 11-21-2007

Drew phoned me last week about that same story telling me the level was at 15%. Having a sweet spot for Nagle, I immediately phoned the dam Manager, and after relaying the details of the rumour to her, I got thoroughly laughed at! She said, "Do you know how much water that is, it would have made news headlines" .

So, no, forget about shooting fish in a barrell.

Incidentally, the official level of Nagle, taken today, is 74.62%

- robfisher - 11-21-2007

Smokescreen! Thanks Denny Mushroom... OK so it must have been that heavy storm that filled Inanda onvernight... it must have been one hell of a storm! :-)

- Smeegle - 11-21-2007

A storm like we had tonight! Gees, poor old Spot didn't know what to do with herself!

Inanda full - CrankbaitCarl - 11-22-2007

It has happened to me twice at Bulshoek dam that I found my boat 5 meters from the water in the morning.The 2 arseholes controlling the levels do not communicate properly and Bulshoek is drained whilst not receiving water from Clanwilliam.The first time it happened they promised to let us know the eveniing before. The second time he said 'oeps'.Believe me there are hardly ever people there during the week so it is one massive struggle to get the boat floating again.