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Newbie - Shawn B - 10-07-2019

Howdie  Smile So... New to Bass fishing and new to forums. This ought to be a rush   Smile Hope to get some guidance here. Love the Bass fishing scene. Caught one smallie last year at Nantes, and a whole bunch of Blue Gill. I be hooked, as it were  Big Grin

RE: Newbie - Jim_From_Zim - 10-07-2019

So you're in the cape then? Welcomes to the quiet forum ek se'

Navrik (the one green police here on the silent forum) is from your neck of the woods. In fact, bfsa used to almost be exclusive to the WC ( western cape, not toilet). Although some will successfully argue the present is the latter not the former example

RE: Newbie - Navrik - 10-07-2019

Welcome Shawn B. Lots of good info on here.

Feel free to ask any question as well!

RE: Newbie - Shawn B - 10-09-2019

Hi guys. Thanks for the warm welcome.