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Introduction - Rudster87 - 11-05-2018

Good Day you all...

Welcome me to the forum.

I have been bass fishing for the last 6 years  Big Grin

Was a Carp Hunter before, until I Started doing the bass thing at a local dam in Bronkhorstspruit... where I pulled out a ±2.5kg bass.

I have been battling to get that Mother Bass out of the water, but this still never stops me from always, and I mean always pulling a bass out of the water Big Grin Big Grin

I need some better ideas, and better dams to start catching those big ones. 

Lets hope I will be able to learn a lot from these forums, in catching my Future Big Bass ..

Take Care Gents.. and Ladies  Wink

RE: Introduction - Navrik - 11-05-2018

Welcome RS87

You have come to the right place. Lots of info on here!!

RE: Introduction - JPSlabber - 11-20-2018

Welcome to the group bud.