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Vaalie - FinBro - 12-12-2017

Howzit fellow bassers!

Hope all is well... I recently moved from CT to Vereeniging of all places... Not completely new to the site, used to be part of the Kick boat comps down in CT.

Anybody from the Vaal that can guide me to some Kickboat spots...

Tight lines to all.


RE: Vaalie - Jim_From_Zim - 12-12-2017

Ya, I'm also an ex Caapie... Sadly... Angry

You can make contact with the Jhb kick boat trail:

I'm sure they will be able to assist

RE: Vaalie - jonnimunki - 02-08-2018


Ja bass challenge. Seems like a great bunch of guys. I'm from KZN though so what would I know?