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Newbie here - Ruco.k - 04-10-2017

Hey guys,

i am a new member to the bfsa website.i have always been an avid angler in my childhood but due to school and university i didn't have much time. i am now completed my studies and found a full time job so i finally have some time on weekends (and money lol) to spend on bass fishing. i have a group of about 4 friends who reside in the Krugersdorp, gauteng area.

just thought i would introduce myself


Re: Newbie here - Navrik - 04-10-2017

Welcome to the site Ruco.k.

Enjoy your stay. Hope see lots of pictures of nice bass from you!

Re: Newbie here - johannerasmus81 - 04-12-2017

Welcome to the forum Ruco!