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EXTREME NooB! - mange - 01-31-2017

Hey Everyone,

I noticed I forgot to introduce myself, Names Dave , and I have literally started fishing about 3 weeks ago! ... so looking to learn allot from everyone and anyone on here, and i see i have allot of reading to do.

I am From JHB so most of my fishing will be done ( or at least try) up here!

Re: EXTREME NooB! - BigBoy - 02-01-2017

hi Dave welcome to the group and to the fishing scene you will learn a lot from the guys here I know I have ,tight lines boet

Re: EXTREME NooB! - Navrik - 02-01-2017

Welcome mange. This site has tonnes of info and good banter!

Re: EXTREME NooB! - andydejager - 02-01-2017

Hope you enjoy the site Mange.

Happy fishing