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greetings to all - earlyworm - 01-29-2017

Howsit everyone
Thanks for allowing me on board, much appreciated. .
I am a young amature bass fisherman from the Eastern Cape
Area living on a farm outside Port Elizabeth.

I recently last year picked up again on my bass fishing which I originally
Started when I was a kid.The bug has bitten and I now cant get
Enough of fishing for bass with frequent weekend warrior trips with my buddy or plain solo missions.

I am very keen to learn about techniques and gain advice from like minded experienced bass anglers beyond what I already know from constant article reading.

My aim one day is to partake in a bass fishing tournament with other bass enthusiasts putting my knowledge and skills to the test while sharing my passion for this lifestyle.

Awesome to be here...

Re: greetings to all - coop - 01-29-2017

Welcome to the forum, sure you will find some valuable information here.


Re: greetings to all - Navrik - 01-30-2017

Welcome earlyworm. Enjou your stay. Hope to see photos of nice bass from you.