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Inanda Dam Developments - robfisher - 05-09-2007



Inanda Dam, lying dormant in the valley of 1000 hills since it?s construction in the early 1980?s, has been earmarked by the eThekwini Municipality as an important metropolitan tourism and recreational node. A node that can contribute significantly to economic development in the northern rural parts of the city.

Since the completion of the Inanda Dam Tourism Feasibility Study undertaken by the eThekwini Municipality, development pressures have mounted to capitalise on potential tourism assets in the Inanda/Umzinyathi sub-region in order also to take advantage of the proximity to the future Dube Tradeport. In this regard the private sector and community based entrepreneurs have began to show significant interest in Inanda Dam, as not only in its proximity to the planned International Airport, but also fits into the growing tourism demand for diversified tourism products that focus on scenic, cultural and nature-based tourism, that foreign tourists expect to find in Africa. The potentials to enhance the City?s sport tourism objectives are also a significant factor. The current challenge now is for all the different stakeholders to plan and manage the development of this asset in a manner, which ensures economic development for the people of the region while protecting the catchments area and function of the dam as a vital source of water.

In a joint partnership between eThekwini Municipality?s Rural Area Based Management Unit, affected Traditional Authorities, Department Water Affairs & Forestry (DWAF) and Umgeni Water, and the Inanda Dam Consortium lead by Maluleke Luthuli have been appointed to assist in the formulation of a Precinct Development Plan and Water Resource Management Plan (RMP) for the Inanda Dam. The Inanda Dam Consortium consists of a number of specialist companies relating to structural engineering, planning, land legal matters, environmental assessment, water resource management specialists and participation. The purpose of this planning exercise is to ensure the sustainable and equitable development, utilization and management of the Inanda Dam by compiling a RMP, based on the DWAF?s Guideline on Integrated Resource Planning for the Use of Water for Recreational purposes through a facilitated and consultative planning process. The plan would therefore manage and control the recreational (fishing, boating & water sport) use of the water surface area and unlock state owned land for public-private partnership development of tourism related projects and developmental sport. Surrounding communities will also benefit from this process through beneficiation of such projects and opportunities in sport development.

Interested and affected parties and surrounding communities are encouraged to participate in this planning exercise and stakeholder workshops. In view of the above you are accordingly invited to attend the first Public/Industry Stakeholder Meeting to be held on the 18th May 2007 @ 10am at the Hillcrest Town Hall (Delamore Road, next to Hillcrest Library). Subsequent community ward based workshops will be held in the month of May/June. Any further information, please contact the eThekwini Project Manager: Peter Gilmore on 031-2616640 / 0833788737/ email: <!-- e --><a href=""></a><!-- e -->.

Peter Gilmore
Development Planning, Spatial & Land Use Manager
Rural Area Based Management & Development

- pomerob - 05-09-2007

Sounds like you are going to have a harties or Witbank dam down there very soon.

- robfisher - 05-09-2007

Yip and I?m not unhappy about that... it can only lead to better control of the resource and the possible ban of Jet Ski?s. ;-)

- pomerob - 05-09-2007

If I were you I would buy my piece of the pie now, once development started up here prices went through the roof 8-)

- robfisher - 05-09-2007

That is one of the reasons I will attend the meetings... if I could buy some real estate on the edge of the dam I would do so... The problem is that all the land around the dam is inhabited by locals and I?m not sure one can even buy a piece of land at the moment. But I will keep my ear very close to the ground!

- Warrenx - 05-09-2007

Think you would end up with some worm asking rock throwing big fish killing savage nabours 8O

- Davebass - 05-09-2007

How SAD!!! Looks like us 'fishermen' will most likely end up with the short end of the stick. This 'project' is for the big spenders (like on our coast lines) and the minority will, once again, be the losers. I'm pretty sure the locals will also not be happy.
Can we also expect a 'name change'???
All I know is that it is going to cost us in the end. Hope they leave Alberts alone.

- pomerob - 05-09-2007

I am actually surprised Alberts wasnt the first on the list, it is flatter and must be easier to develop. The locals happiness and well being is only a good excuse for apathy when there is no money involved.

Put large sums of money on the table then the local goverments attitude and genuine concern for it's traditional inhabitants goes out the window. Sab but true :-( More than likely the chief will get a fat whack to keep everyone quite. One goose will get very fat and the others will starve.

- tolla - 05-09-2007

kak en betaal- on the horizon.
we should buy a plot of land and have our own slipway , bfsa clubhouse?

- pomerob - 05-09-2007

Now there's a dam fine idea :lol:

- Shannon - 05-10-2007

Rob be sure to put up a jetty or two with a few brushpiles Wink
Imagine getting up on Saturday morning and falling into your boat that's parked against your own dock Big Grin
The only problem with Inanda is that your dock would probably have been stolen during the night and sold for firewood 8O

- andrer - 05-10-2007

You can see this at bronkhorstspruit... JUST MANSIONS ON THE SIDES its terriable and all they leave is a small 100m long streach of bank for the normal people to cram into.. BUT the jetties and walls ect make great structure to fish if you have a boat..

- robfisher - 05-10-2007

pomerob Wrote:I am actually surprised Alberts wasnt the first on the list

Albert Falls already has ownership of land around the dam... my partners folks own around 60 acres... he has subdivided and sold a few plots... they have a section of dam frontage to the left of those trees just before the river mouth.

Plus there are plans afoot to do developments at Albert Falls already.

Inanda has a problem in that the locals live all around the dam... Albert?s is lucky in that they have always had privately owned farms around the dam except for the Parks Board/Msinsi land.

- robfisher - 05-10-2007

Davebass Wrote:How SAD!!! Looks like us 'fishermen' will most likely end up with the short end of the stick.

I don?t know why you see it that way Davebass... do you not think development and decent control of Inanda Dam is a good idea? The dam will always be open to the public and I for one would welcome more ?controls? at the dam... facilities, security and things for the family to do while I fish... the locals will sure not be happy...

- robfisher - 05-10-2007

Shannon Wrote:Rob be sure to put up a jetty or two with a few brushpiles Wink
Imagine getting up on Saturday morning and falling into your boat that's parked against your own dock Big Grin
The only problem with Inanda is that your dock would probably have been stolen during the night and sold for firewood 8O

Imagine that... I could be very happy retired to my spot at the dam... but security would need to be beefed up just a little yes.