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Tournament calendar for 2017 - J0hanB0tha - 01-14-2017

Hi All.

We would like to enter some tournaments for 2017.

How would we find out what tournaments are scheduled for 2017?

Johan Botha.

Re: Tournament calendar for 2017 - Riprap - 01-14-2017

Hi Johan and welcome.

On the left you will see "Calendar" but I wasn't able to download the BFSA calendar..... Maybe it's just my connection but it used to be there.
Andy (the owner of the site) is the author of the events calendar so I'm sure he will pick up this thread.
This is also a reminder for me to send him a new 2017 calendar design from which his last one was based on.

Cheers and enjoy the site.

Re: Tournament calendar for 2017 - Riprap - 01-16-2017

Morning guys.

I see the calendar link is working fine again but it is last years calendar. I have mailed Andy a new 2017 calendar with correct dates, public holidays, moon phases, sun rises, etc. I have indicated to him that I'm happy to assist to set up a new one but we would need you guys to give us feedback of all the events (and there are many...........) to include herewith for everyone's benefit so I suggest this would be the correct thread to use.

Please do so here guys. Thanks.

Re: Tournament calendar for 2017 - Navrik - 01-16-2017

I have compiled one for the Western Cape and surrounds but with the FLW calendar always changing I am hesitant to upload what I have.

Re: Tournament calendar for 2017 - andydejager - 01-16-2017

Welcome to BFSA Johan.
Thanks Nav.
I will work on it this week.