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Greetings - WormWhisperer - 12-07-2016

Hey guys, thanks for accepting my request to join, much appreciated.

RIPRAP, any new developments on your pond? I absolutely enjoyed reading your post "Spring is in the air".

Tight lines guys!

Re: Greetings - Riprap - 12-07-2016

Pleasure boet, a warm welcome to you.

Watch that space when the rains come............

Re: Greetings - KingDon - 12-07-2016

Come now bud

Re: Greetings - WormWhisperer - 12-08-2016

I think we need to send some of our rain down to you guys. Getting enough of it up here.

Re: Greetings - Navrik - 12-08-2016

Was up in Jhb on business yesterday and tried my best to bring some back on the plane.

Man was it nice to see it falling!

Re: Greetings - WormWhisperer - 12-08-2016

yeah the rain has been awesome. Would be better if the rest of the country could get some. :eusa_pray: