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Battery for boat

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Hi Guys

stupid question, but wanting to try save weight on boat. So thought I would ask this, I have 3 deep cycle batteries(120amp, weighs 30kg) on boat, 2 run as 24V for my trolling motor

Then have another deep cycle - 120amp, that I connect to my outboard motor, my lowrance fish finder and my electronics on the boat

as this battery weighs 30kg, I wanted to get a normal car battery etc or a smaller battery.

is this advisable or not? what I run from this battery is minimal for power....

any thoughts would be great

Hey Zulu.

Step 1: Determine the CCA (cold cranking amps) required for efficient starting of your outboard.
Step 2: Determine the amps draw for your radios, sounder, aerator, bilge, well pump, lights etc at worst case scenario.
Step 3: Look at the charging rate of your alternator worst case scenario (assume a trolling motor dam only......)

That should help if you want to be precise.

Oh and the minimum reserve before you damage the battery - worst case scenario.
thanks, will check that out
Safer to try pack a few kgs less k@k....that big old thing is on there for a reason....
[Image: fishingsignature.JPG]
ja, what other kak can get I get off my save sum kgs...
less tackle? less beer? Smile

try pack as light as possible
I recently invested in a set of Discover 85Ah deep cycle batteries that outperform other brand's 100-105Ah models.

Very happy with them and saved me around 3kg on each of the batteries.

We were so impressed with the batteries that we built a battery backups system for a call centre with the same 85Ah models.
Regards Robert Jacobs
thanks, where did you get those from and what did they weigh?
Morning Zulu.

Read this: <!-- l --><a class="postlink-local" href="" onclick=";return false;">viewtopic.php?f=5&t=11492&hilit=batteries</a><!-- l -->

Don't chuck off vital fishing equipment, rather look at banting.........
Its best to get a deep cycle battery as you don't use your boat everyday. I bought a small exide deep cycle battery for my boat for R800 and starts one shot everytime.
Discover Batteries by Enertec are the best I have ever used.

The little 33Ah runs my training boat for an entire day with more to spare.
Discover 85Ah is 24kg and your typcial 105Ah is around 27kg. 6kg saving when using a 24V system.

We brough mine down from a distributor in Jhb. I think they are called Current Automation
Regards Robert Jacobs

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