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Poortjieskloof KBT 30 January 2016

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Hi guys and girls,

Hope everybody had a good festive season.

I must put a list together of everybody that is going to fish the KBT as well as the car reg number that they will be driving in that day. Same as Poortjies.
If your name isnt on the list, you wont get in. Its that simple, those guys take their security very seriously :blue-cool:

You can send those details to me via pm, sms, whatsapp or even leave it here if you are ok with that.

Southpaw aka Malcolm
08four 30two 312six
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Hi Malcholm
Hope you had a good festive break.
Can you please indicate,with a map if possible, where we will be launching from (and I assume this will also be the weigh area).Being on this dam with summer south easters can easily land you at the wrong end of the dam if you don't play your cards right.
Life is not about the number of breaths we make,but the moments that take our breath away.
Hi Richard,

As far as I know we will be launching where the carp fishermen camp out for the day.
33°46'0.11"S, 19°25'14.31"E

Yes the wind can be a huge factor in this KBT. Like in all the KBT's the safety of the competitors comes first and if Andrew and I are not happy sending you guys out in the morning then we will either wait for the wind to die down or call off the KBT.
But once everybody is on the water it is up to each person to keep an eye on the weather conditions.
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Thank you gives me an idea of where to park my car downwind now :eusa_angel:
Life is not about the number of breaths we make,but the moments that take our breath away.
Hey guys, is the KBT still on, have all the relevant arrangements been made?
Unfortunately due to some unforeseen red tape and short of Roy having to phone the Minister of Security regarding the venue we have had to change locations.
The date remains the same, 30 January 2016.

We are moving to Poortjieskloof.
We will be meeting at the gate at 5:30am where we will do briefing, sign in and pay entry fee, R200 KBT and R10 per person entry to the dam.
Gate will be opened at 6am.
We will start fishing once everybody is ready.
Weigh in will be at 4pm
Like always for Poortjies I need your fishing license numbers and car reg numbers please.

Please spread the word to the guys that dont look at BFSA that often.

Apologies for the change in venue but there was nothing we could do the change their minds.

You can sms/whatsapp those details to me on
08four 30two 301six
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I still have the list from the last kbt there.
Please let me know if you have a new fishing license number.
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Its going to be a scorcher. +- 39 degrees :eusa_whistle:
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Guys as you are well aware the next MT is at Poortjies on 13 Feb and as I recall it was a date that "we" also had to change in order to accomadate certain KBT and MT anglers who fish both leagues. We as organisors of the MT are now faced with a problem due to the KBT venue change as some of the MT entrant's are a bit grumpy about your sudden change which they feel may affect our MT negatively. I spoke with Andrew this wknd at TWK and he explained the predicament the organisers of the KBT were in but truth be told that problem was caused by bad planning and not from the MT side. Anyways it is what it is but may we suggest that if you ever find yourselves In the same situation again please at least give us a call about it. Who knows maybe we could even of helped each other.
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Morning Billy,

I cant see how it is bad planning from the KBT side when a venue that gave us the go ahead to fish venue when setting out the schedule then suddenly says no two weeks from the comp. It was really unfortunate but as mentioned before there really was nothing we could do to change their minds.
But this wont happen again in the future, we have been burnt twice this season so in future we will only be using venues where it is public access like Clan, Bulshoek, Breede, Poortjies.

As I see it there is a two week gap between the KBT and the MT so its not like we are getting in the way of the MT guys wanting to prefish the weekend before the MT or catching/moving too many bass before the MT.
We will leave a space open in case any of the MT guys want to prefish two weeks before the comp but if they have a kickboat they are more than welcome to join in the KBT and stand a chance to win some good money or some lekker prizes.

For those that don’t know, the KBT is only 1day with a 3 fish limit, so there wont be that many fish moved to the weigh in area if it was a 2day comp like it usually is.

Hope this clears up any concerns.

We look forward to sitting down with the you and Brandin to set out next seasons fixtures in a few months time.
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Ok cool. Thanks Southpaw.

Just as a thought did you guys consider fishing and launching from the kwaggas public entrance? There is a much larger area to fish than if you had launched on the largie banks. I've seen lots of KB okes fishing there before. Also Clan is for most of the anglers pretty much the same distance as what Poortjies is?

Anyways good luck to all fishing the KBT and enjoy boys. Hope Southpaws reply has cleared things up with those of you who have raised your concerns with me.

Have a lekker day.
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Thanks for understanding the predicament we were in, the last thing we wanted to do is mess up the MT for you guys.

We did consider using the public area at Kwaggas but the boat traffic becomes a worrying factor with jetski’s, rubberducks and waterski’s flying up and down that section of Kwaggas. When we are expecting 25-30 guys at the kbt with only really one direction to go (towards the kwaggas wall) it wasn’t going to work. Kicking over to the opposite bank isn’t safe especially in the afternoon.

Clan was also discussed but given the time of year with the heat wave we are in we decided against it knowing how smallies don’t do so well in the heat let alone the anglers.

Other venues we considered:
Provos – too small these days
Whitehall – on the small side but parking and getting on the water is a problem there
Mofam – they have a wedding on that day
Breede – kbt there in Feb
Bulshoek – we were there in December
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Good afternoon all
If anyone is looking for accommodation for Poortjieskloof, Please contact myself on 0797786643 or Pieter on 073099044, we have 1 spot open if anyone is keen.

Cheers, see you all there on Sat
My biggest worry is that my wife (when I’m dead) will sell my fishing gear for what I said I paid for it.”
As we are on the topic of the KBT at Poortjies...Anyone needing a lift to there and back,I am looking for someone to come with to share the fuel cost.Will be leaving Friday mid dayish,staying at Guano Caves Friday night and returning after the comp on Sat.
Let me know..Richard zero83 658 6zero88
Life is not about the number of breaths we make,but the moments that take our breath away.
It's so nice to see sensible, logical and decent conversation about such subjects here without any spats and toys reaching for the moon. Either it's a people problem or the right persons are doing the talking and explaining and it's commendable chaps.

Blue man, you seem to be continuing that roll from last year.....lekka boet.
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