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Looking for a new home

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Hi All

Sadly, I have to do this. I dont want to but I must.

I'm looking for a new home for my 2 labbies.
My baby girls Alaina and Freya require a new home. Alaina (5) is a golden labrador and Freya (3) is a black labrador cross staffordshire (females). They are both very loving, friendly, disciplined girls, fixed and house trained.
They park outside during the day and sleep indoors in the evenings (winter, summer they are outside) on doggie beds.
Alaina gets excited when greeting people, where Freya is calmer.
They have never been fed off the plate or given bones, only fed pellets, treats and biscuits from time to time. They are both extremely well trained for food time, walks, or getting out from under your feet.

They enjoy 15-20 minute walks 2/3 times a week (with harnesses) and having a ball thrown for them. They love the beach but strangely enough they dont swim in a pool. They are very alert and will bark if anything is heard or seen. They are not howlers or continuous barkers due to being bored.
They have grown up together and ideally I dont want to separate them, however if it has to happen it does. Freya is better suited for kids, Alaina is a bouncy dog and needs sometime to get to know kids. If they are both given access to kids they will become the typical labby protector type for kids (I dont have any, so they dont know little ones)
Kindly see the pics below and please share. Should there be any interested parties, please let me know by pm.

Thanks, and sorry for posting this on a fishing site.



Sorry to hear bud... I hope you find good homes for them.
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Jeeez... That's sad man. Hope you find a good home...
Good Luck Fishin'
Why do you have to let go bru?
Shame man really hope you find a good home
Its a hard thing to do but im sure you'll find a good, loving family.
Good luck bru
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Unfortunately as things happens when a divorce pops up, dogs (thank f*ck I dont have kids) always get in the way.

I've managed to find a new (and better) home for them just east of Woolsley where they will be going to this afternoon.

Thanks all for the messages and support on and off line.

If ok with everyone, lets just sign off on this and chat about fishing.

My apologies for the original post.
Hey Jim, don't apologize boet, we are all mates here. Great news about the dogs and best of luck with the rest.............
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