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iReCall Theewaterskloof Bass Classic 22-24 Jan 2016

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Good evening everyone

Here are the entry form to the upcoming event in January 2016 (updated 11 Jan 2016)
Regards Robert Jacobs
Hi All

There have been a few queries/comments behind the scenes with regards to the pricing for the iReCall Twk Classic 2016.

So to update you all on the pricing, lets look at it from a boat perspective (non sabaa member) for the weekend

R 1 500 for the boat/team.

This includes:

entry to Twk (per person around R50 a head)
Launch fee's (around R 55 per boat if I am not mistaken)
Camping fee's per pair ( R 55 a night each)
Meal on saturday evening (R 90)

So running a quick total, the basics that are covered in the entry fee come up to +- R 555 for the team. This leave R 945 per team for the actual comp entry, which brings it down to R 472.50 per person for the weekend, which makes it R236,25 per person per day for the comp. (its R36 more expensive than a MT and our prizes go way down to a minimum of 20 position, but you can expect more prizes for placings lower down the rankings)

If you are a SABAA member, naturally the costs are R 100 less per team, bringing their total down to R 186.25 per person per day for the entry fee.

So in essence, the costs per entry are very reasonable.

You are welcome to contact myself or Ian for any queries. Our contact details are on the entry form or alternatively drop me a PM on the forum.

Seasons greetings,

Tafelberg Bass masters
Entry form updated in the original post. New sponsors added.
Regards Robert Jacobs
There is R5k up for grabs for the biggest fish landed on the Sunday and bag prizes going down to 20th place.Any elaboration on the first place bag prize ? Is this going to be a Cash prize as well ? One would hope so,because the entry fee last time for the same event with the possibility of scooping R100k (Billy & Brandin :eusa_angel: ) was R1000 per two man team and this year it has escalated to R1500 per two man team to get a top fish purse of R5k.Just asking...
Life is not about the number of breaths we make,but the moments that take our breath away.

1: There is a competition that is going to take place, unlike the rumours going around at the moment...

2: We DO have a main title sponsor that has put in a heap of cash, hence the name of the comp...

3: My post above refers to the break down of costs

4: Bag prizes will go down further than 20th position. All we are putting in is the guarantees

5: You'll have to enter to see what the winners take home

6: Were you disappointed last year with the prizes?

7: Pre-fish cut off is this coming sunday evening.


You know guys and I speak from experience, Classics in SA are becoming more and more difficult to validate. Not just in terms of conflicting dates and sports but mainly from an economic perspective. Without active participation, I fear that fewer classics will be seen in the future than past.

Traditionally the entry fees are in line with the prizes but these have become smaller over time whilst the entry fees keep increasing. Hell, some have reverted to "insured" prizes to lure anglers to these events. Our Classic, Amatola, will for the second time this year not be offering a boat / motor rig and which is indicative of the tough economic times and dwindling participation. Some say bring back the big prizes and the numbers will attend but alas, that is not the case.

Nonetheless, forget about silly rumours and I wish you guys the best of luck with this classic.
Thanks Zim. I will be there and local is altyd lekker.
SMILE, it can change the world around you. Stywe lyne
what amazes me Rip is that people will attend the winter classic that costs alot more if you take fuel and a comodation into account. What is even more amazing is that the same anglers wouldn't blink to drive to clan for a social weekend and spend R3k without blinking, then to complain about a tournament that is always a blast and is one of the best run events on the calendar. not to mention that the prizes are worth close to R125k.
Total value of prizes already in excess of R125,000 already.

Hurry to get those entries in!
Regards Robert Jacobs
Lekker! Partner die jaar sal ons ma branas moet vat !!
Brendon nice to see you on the site again en baie waar woorde. Ek hoop ons sien jou by classic, of moet jy dit nog rustig vat. Sterkte.

Jouba jy weet mos my motto, vang eers n babbelas voor jy visvang anders mag jy dalk niks vang heel naweek. Team bassoholic going strong.
SMILE, it can change the world around you. Stywe lyne
Been at this iReCall Theewaterskloof Bass Classic as a spectator and really enjoyed the whole Classic and all that!!!
Will there be some type of feed back and some photos going on for two weeks and no pic's or write up
KingDon Wrote:Been at this iReCall Theewaterskloof Bass Classic as a spectator and really enjoyed the whole Classic and all that!!!
Will there be some type of feed back and some photos going on for two weeks and no pic's or write up

My kind of guy - all cheeky and things like that! Valid question though?
I did not really plan to fish but decided in the end that my boat would feel very left out if I got to TWK and leave it behind. As our chapter hosted the event there were various duties to assist with.

To my surprise one of our long time sponsors Leon Dreyer was keen to fish so at a evening's notice we quickly got a team together.

First day was very nice with Leon putting the first keeper on to the boat at a spot he called with one of the baits from the goodie bag.

I called the next spot, saw some Gillcristella floating, changed to Pearl White Xcite Baits Baby Ubershads on both our rods and we promptly caught 2 keepers each on our first cast. Both were bigger than our first and with a 2 fish bag it was our cull for the day.

We placed 20th after day 1 and I got to spend a nice evening in the company of good friend KingDon who supported us the whole weekend. Thanks for my hand made cranks Don. I can't wait to show the Clan smallies these baits!

Day 2 saw many an excellent angler falter in the big winds that only TWK can dish up. None of the tricks of day 1 paid off and we eventually called it a day but not from a lack of trying.

We finished in a 25 overall position. Best prizes as usual were Tom's ultra heavy duty black bags which made on the ladies back home very happy. On top of that 2 bags of Potatoes and 2 bottles of red whine.

I would like to thank all the sponsors and especially my fellow Tafelberg Bassmasters members for a very well run event.
Regards Robert Jacobs
Here are some of the photos of the event
Regards Robert Jacobs

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