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BASSING 4 CHARITY: Badisa Event 21Nov, Report Back

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We were greeted by snow on the mountains but luckily tannie Judene had some warm coffee waiting. Overcast with a bit of rain and some wind should have made for good fishing but I was worried that the temp drop of 10’ over the last 2 days might put the fish off a bit.

My fears proved partially correct and the usual topwater madness in the morning didn’t really materialise.

Nevertheless a great day was had by all and there were some lovely fish landed. The biggest was a massive 51cm by Coenie Fourie who also got the biggest bag. Graham Weakley and Scott Lowrie took second and third place respectively.

Coenie, please give me a shout so I can post a pic of your monster.

Personally my fishing wasn’t that great. Luckily Sarah was smashing them and gave me some pointers enabling so I could land a few.

Most of us were off the water early. Some say it was the wind but I think it was the smell of Boerwors on the braai and the lure of ice cold beer & coolies dropped off by oom Phillip.

Was great to relax with a few beers and boerie roles before a quick prizewinning.

Big thanks to our generous sponsors: Eddlesgas, Mystery Tackle Pack, Outdoor365 and Southern Bass Culture. Also thanks to oom Phillip and tannie Judene for the venue and top class catering.
Thanks for the organization. Such a majestic venue! Nice to meet some new people and a stealthy puff adder.
Thanks Craig and Sarah for all your organising. So great to be able to just arrive and fish!
'The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated'. Mahatma Gandhi
Coenie Fourie's 51cm Winning Smallie.

Garnet Prince
[Image: ay55i0.png]
Well done guys
Lekke Coenie!Third time on a tube and gets a PB of 2,5kg smallie,three fish bag of 4kg.The start of good things to come.

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