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Hi all you bass fishing 'freaks", I am new to this forum and just wanted to say hello. I live in Kempton Park and generally fish from the side with my 9 year old son. Hope to see you at the water soon
Welcome Bassoli!

Enjoy your stay.
Regards Robert Jacobs
Welcome to BFSA Bassoli.

Wishing you and your son a great season of fishing!!

Happy fishing
hi guys,
please be advised of humminbirds south african agent " iconic gear "
they take your money and fail to deliver,
i paid them for a repair on my 997c si in june this year, humminbird in the states will not release the unit as they have not received payment for the repair as of the 16th of october, this whole issue has been going on since late april, 23 weeks already, still only promises and zero action from iconic gear.
please be aware !!!!
Thanks for the warning Madkeen. Hope you get the issue resolved soon.
Regards Robert Jacobs
Justy Varkevisser has adopted the Mr Humminbird SA position - I suggest you take this issue up with him.
hi fishton, do you a contact number for justy ?
Justy is in Italy at the moment representing SA at the World Champs.

Check online
Regards Robert Jacobs

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