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Breede River

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Howsit chaps

You guys know of any good camping spots or sites next to the breede river thats good for fishing and camping in general?

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Rivierzicht is good for camping, has access to a long wide stretch of river. Fishing is ok, definitely need a tube or boat
Hey Steve, there are heaps of spots. Just Google "Breede camping".

I've been to 3:

Nekkies, near Worchester - site was very rough but some nice fishing.

Skurwekop, near Robertson - nice site and great bit of water, BreedeSmallies the unofficial warden of that bit of water so don't be nice to barble or carp there lol.

Kambati - 20km before Swellendam - great site and some really awesome looking water, 2 sets of rapids holding smallies and lots of long pools with 10000s of laydowns.

You'll need a tube or canoe for all 3. Ther rent canoes at Kambati

Enjoy and make sure you do a reportback.
Shot thanks guys! Looks like its been decided (mainly by the better half), we're going to Doringlaagte dam in Montagu. So will try and get some nice bass and kurpers theres. Sal maar papgooi in die agtergrond ook....
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