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Deep Cycle Batteries

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Greetings Gents.
I was wondering if anyone out there knows where to get GOOD deep cycle batteries from.I bought Deltec ones two years ago and they are letting me down already.I also have only charged with a new C tech charger,so I am not too impressed with these batteries.
Life is not about the number of breaths we make,but the moments that take our breath away.
Hey Smurf. IMO go for Enertec 105AH deep cycle which last a good 3-4 yrs and cost us R1 443 + VAT ea from our local boat shop which is an Enertec agent. Available stud and taper.


You can get Guardian deep cycles 100AH from guys who recycle and rebuild these batteries which are used as UPS for around R750 without an exchange battery but they are not new.

Just got 2 x 652 GEL batteries for a tractor which are apparently newly made by FNB in East London specifically for Mercedes. Got some fishing mates who work at Merc, let me fish what bigger batteries are available as these only cost R500 ea brand new.......I kid you not but you might need to upgrade your charger if looking at the GEL route.
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I have tried the gel route,but they were too heavy.I have been told about the Battery Centre deep cycle battery which is supposed to be very good.
Thanks Rip.
Life is not about the number of breaths we make,but the moments that take our breath away.
First National Battery (FNB - the one without branches of thorns....) is the parent company of Battery centre. They made here in EL. Last month when I checked the equivelent was more expensive then Enertec....... :blue-confused:
I have been using one of these bad boys (EV24A-A) for the last 2 years or so and I still haven't been able to deplete the battery over 2 days fishing. And that's an 85ah battery.

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They are a bit more expensive, but absolutely worth it!
We have just purchased the same batteries that Pershond refers to for a battery + inverter backup system for one of our offices.

When I showed the specs to the installer he immediately switched to these batteries.

Fishton also did an extensive test on this battery and recommended it strongly afterwards.
Regards Robert Jacobs
Like all things in life, everything is relative: Cost (R's/AH), 24 vs 12V system (which draws less amps for same thrust), thickness of plates, charging, storage and maintenance of the battery, etc.

It's also interesting to note that Enertec markets the Discover battery: <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href="" onclick=";return false;"> ... scover.pdf</a><!-- m -->

The Enertec is lead calcium, made in Germany and has a 2 year guarantee and costs R1 645.02 incl VAT (my cheapest source).
The Discover is a dry cell battery (clean & green) and I'm led to believe are around R3 800 odd each!
Hey Rip I see the all important "Wit Goud" is close by. This is not an indication that the battery is k@k is it? :blue-biggrin: :blue-lol:
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Hey Ninja, you really are observant aren't you! :lol:
The "Wit Goud" and other items are stored in the hatch which gets opened the least because with this battery and besides charging, nothing much changes here in a 3 - 4 year cycle.
Skerp oë vir n ou man ne?
Rip last price I got on Discovers were just over R2K and they would last about double the time of the other run of the mil deep cycles.
Regards Robert Jacobs
Thanks Nav. Getting prices too from my local agent but if it's not twice the lifespan for twice the price, then it will be difficult to convince me to pay such money for battery power I haven't used yet.

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I got 2 X 115ah discover batteries. These are expensive but are the bomb. They are light too so not sure about the comment on them being heavy. I also have a 65ah for my kickboat. Had various lead acids over the years with varying success. Only lead battery I have now is my 102ah cranking battery. It is a high cycle though.
I can get the Excis FMF102 12V 102AH (at 20 degrees) with stud terminals for R1,280.00 (ex VAT) but if we order 54 we can get them for R1,180.00 (ex VAT) from FNB.
The Royal 1150K (12V 105AH) cost R1,490.00 (ex VAT) and the Royal Marine DC31 (12V 100AH) with SAE posts and wing nuts cost R1,595.00 (ex VAT).
Just for info, Enertec are unable to give me a price on the Discover dry cell as they don't have any........ :roll:
During the off-season, and with a view to load shedding, I've connected my 2 x 105 A hr deep cycle to my office UPS. I get through the 2 hour load shed comfortably and can power the PC, screen, modem, printer, speakers and cordless phone. help attach pic from gallery please , riprap!!!

[Image: Headbut.jpg]

Loaded with a little bit of help from Nav
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