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BFSA Kick Boat Trail Season Results 2015

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Hi Guys

The season has come to an end and I must say I really enjoyed it. The support from everyone was awesome and I really hope we have a lot more participants next season.

Thank you goes out to Roy for helping me run the events, Malcolm for sorting the points for us and to everyone else that gave a helping hand here and there.

To the sponsors, thank you to Pisece Predator, BWG, Mystery tackle pack and Ol Big Mouth Outdoors. We really appreciate the support over the season and hope it continues for the next season.

So, on to the season results. 1st Place goes to Smurf (Richard Blair) with a total score of 227.05 points. A close second was Grant Snowball with a score of 222.11 and 3rd place goes to Rory Heidmann with his score of 219.74. Very well done to the top 3 and to everyone else who participated in the events.

Hope to see you guys on the water soon again.


Full season results:
Sometimes the fishing is so bad not even the liars catch anything!!!!
Thanks guys for an amazing Season. To Roy and Shane a BIG well done on a great season, thanks for all the planning and listening to us all bitch and moan about everything.

Looking forward to a great next season.
I knew by betting on the blue horse that I was backing a winner! If the ol' blue one was also chasing chicks on some tropical island, the result may have been different........
Well done to all.
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Thanks for another great season guys, great to see the KBT growing as it is.

Thanks Roy and Shane for all the effort and organising throughout the season as well as a big thanks to all the sponsors throughout the season.

Congrats to the gents at the top. Very well fished throughout and look forward to seeing you all for an even bigger new season.
Thanks for all the work you guys have put into the season, Shane and Roy. Was a great season!
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Well done Richard, guess you will need a sponsor for next year :blue-badgrin:
To Shane @ Roy - thanks for all your effort and orginisation of all the venues and comps. A big congrats to you guys, well done !

To Smurf - well fished you b*gger, so u are not over the hill yet.

To Grant - well done on your 2nd place Bud !

To Rory - u worked and u fished hard, congratulations on your well deserved 3rd place. A pecialthanks from me for all the advice and help u gave me which had alot do with my results.

To the Sponsors - By giving these sponsorships youguys really give the KBT a nice competitive edge, so a big thank you to all you guys.

T0 all the Competitors - Thanks for your participation without you there would be no KBT. If you look at the overall results u will see that all the top guys for this season attended every KBT, let that be a motivation to attend all the events next season.
Shot Guys

a Big thank you to the anglers without you the KBT is and wont be possible give yourselves a big hand especially the guys that tried to make every single event.

A big congratulations to Mr Richard Blair for winning the season I don't mind losing my crown to you well fished old man lol but believe me when I say I'm coming for it in the new season no more distractions unless my wife falls pregnant haha!! :eusa_shifty:

Smurf we will get your prize to you very soon!!

To the other anglers in the top doing well in their first KBT season very well done guys well fished, Mr Piek well done boet.

We are looking to make the new season even better and we are implementing some changes to the benefit of the anglers, so keep your eyes on the site all will be revealed at a later stage. :eusa_silenced:

Now I can take a break, service my reels acquire new tackle and get rid of the stuff that sucked and have a few moan free months lol :eusa_dance:

See you guys soon!!
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Thanks guys. This was my first full competitive season and I probably should've listened to the critics when they said it would be a heavy one. Needless to say, I fished every KBT, Money Trail and Western Cape based Classic in the 2014 / 15 season including a rather eventful trip to Groenvlei with Mr Island Boy....a top 5 finish in both leagues have made it all worthwhile. Roy, Shane, Richard, Billy, Brandin, Brendan, Vincent, James, Malcolm, Ferdi, Grant and everyone else that helped out along the way....THANK YOU. This season cost me blood, sweat, tears, bucket loads of money, boats, car tyres, fuel and the list goes on....this sport has become my lifestyle and I cannot thank you all enough for keeping things together.

I will sadly not be competing in the KBT next season as I would like to take a step up and fish divisionals and after what feels like many months away this season I can't continue this schedule as it will very definately be the death of me lol. If rumours are true, the kbt season is set for some exciting changes next season and I will most definately be involved wherever I can.

Looking forward to some much needed time off, boat upgrades and winter Clan madness! See you on the water and tight lines.
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That was quite a season of fishing,and what a great time I had.
Thanks to Shane and Roy for organising things for each event,there is sometimes a lot of behind the scenes work that takes place so us others can simply arrive and fish...well done.A big thanks to the sponsors for their contributions.And to all the guys (and girl !) that attend these is your participation and contribution that makes the prize money worth while.Just on that point,I managed to complete the season and come out on top without ever winning first or second place...crazy !Look forward to fishing the next season with a great bunch of people.
Big thanks to my fan (Rip) :eusa_dance: . Biggest thanks to my sponsors....oh wait,there are none :blue-biggrin: :eusa_doh:
Big Thanks to my missus who puts up with all this fishing nonsense...I always have the rolls and coffee made,cool drinks on ice,tablets and sunscreen in the hand as I leave in the early hours and a lekker supper ready when I come home (if the Stormers don't cock it up and choke that is !!! ) biggest fan !
Life is not about the number of breaths we make,but the moments that take our breath away.
Nicely done Smurf, Grant and Rory!

Then well done to all involved in making the KBT a big success!
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Well done Smurf. :eusa_dance: Hope you get your prize soon. Wink :lol:
Thanks Shane & Roy.Was my first season,learnt a lot about first time venues(4 of the 7) and from the guys in general.Even in comps alot of info was shared.Looking forward to next season.Also,is the top 15 shootout still happening?And congrats to the top five.
Roy Wrote:To the other anglers in the top doing well in their first KBT season very well done guys well fished, Mr Piek well done boet.

Thanks Roy, Not bad for my 1st year doing this. Thanks for all the help and KAKPRAAT on the water
Thank you Shane and Roy for all the work you put into this series. All the competitors and sponsors that support these comp that make them such fun to fish you are true legends.
Congrats Mr Smurf for winning the season. Just goes to show consistency get you to the top.
Grant and Rory, well fished guys.

I had a great time fishing all the comps this year even though a few dropped fish and sub-par performances at Clan and Mofam (of all places) let me down.
I can wait for next season to come around.
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