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Proof of Cheating at KBT

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The Scorpions today released pictures taken from the cellphone of a certain Ms Smurfette after she was caught in a tic manufacturing factory raid. Together with the drug paraphernalia, fish weighing scales rigged to add at least 50% to the fish weight were found on the scene.
[Image: Smurf-1.jpg]

This and other pictures of the suspect, aka the “Blue Man”, pre-fishing using only bacon rashers has prompted the Scorpions to open up a case of Cheating and Fraud.

BFSA could not be reached for comment but it is believed they are launching their own internal investigations.

An anonymous source from the KBT (known only as “Marmaduke”), had this to say; “I know who this is and I used to like him but he keeps on beating me so he must be cheating…”
Ha ha...can we change the heading to "Friday Funny"... :blue-wink:
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Navrik Wrote:Ha ha...can we change the heading to "Friday Funny"... :blue-wink:
WHAT? This is no joke. It is as true as me making an 18 inch (yes that's 46cm tail inclusive) lure out of an aerosol and my gran’s fur hat.

just had to expalin to a juniour member of this site that everything you read isnt true
Marmaduke Wrote:just had to expalin to a juniour member of this site that everything you read isnt true

And everything you see is not always the case either...I would need far more packs of worms...sorry bacon.. around the nether region....and a tattoo ??
Life is not about the number of breaths we make,but the moments that take our breath away.
Are those the same bacon rashers he soaks in gin?
[Image: Dreamfish.jpg]
You are all the fine print.

These a 100% legal top water jig trailers... :eusa_liar:
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shame man, dont be to harsh, paint him red and make him wash boats for a year :blue-badgrin:

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