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Hi All

I wanted to do some fishing in Elgin and have seen a few people on tubes on the waters there. I am going down for a wedding and thought be great to wet a line in the morning. Any advice for fishing from a bank in elgin and good spots?

3" sencos bru, 3" sencos!
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When is the wedding and where will you be staying?
im maybe too excited, but wedding 12th december and was looking to stay at galileo farm.
The bottom (largest) dam on Galileo holds some very good fish; I've fished it often. Good from a tube or the bank. December is a good time; you wont be disappointed.
thanks, it is actually my wedding day, so i thought on saturday morning we can try our luck to get lucky Smile
My man,you have big gonads to go fishing on the morning of your wedding...may I suggest a romantic champagne breakfast with comments like..."Oh look,a nice looking bass dam,but you know I would rather enjoy this time with you !"
Or are you laying down the 'way it is ' right from the start !! :blue-biggrin:
Life is not about the number of breaths we make,but the moments that take our breath away.
yip, she is getting ready on the morning, and its 4pm ceremony. So lots of time for a few guys to wet a line and catch 1 or 2 fish.

i am hoping the fishing will settle my nerves Smile but also she knows i love to fish and so does she. so a win win there Smile
Hey Zulu, congrats on the wedding. Love the fact you are planning the fishing 8 months ahead. Galilo has a great little dam that "Coots Cottage" overlooks.
You can almost fish off the doorstep. Lovely spot and lovely dam. Did a reportback a while ago on it.
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If they are booked try Inn on Highlands. Also has a lovely dam that is slightly bigger but I think the cottages at Galileo ar a bit more secluded so may be better on the romance level.
thanks for info Smile

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