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Clan KBT Results

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What an awesome weekend, thanks Shane and Roy for putting it together
MrPiek Wrote:
Southpaw Wrote:Here are the top 15 total bag weights (all comps) for the season so far
1 Richard Blair 26.37kg
2 Craig Crossman 25.95kg
3 Pieter Piek 25.19kg
4 Rory Heidmann 23.90kg
5 Malcolm Palmer 23.74kg
6 Grant Snowball 23.48kg
7 Pieter van der Merwe 22.84kg
8 Jaco de wit 22.41kg
9 Roy De Wet 22.31kg
10 JM Gravenor 21.93kg
11 Kurt Blecha 20.78kg
12 Jason Vorster 16.90kg
13 Barend Brand 15.93kg
14 Deon Rossouw 15.80kg
15 Marius Moller 11.87kg

This is very close at the top after the amount hours spent.

Is this a April fools?
Roy in the top 10???
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MrPiek Wrote:I was wondering, the totals put up is not with the 2 worst comps dropped. Does anyone have the score and standing for that?

Hi MrPiek,

Those score are with the lowest two dropped.
Here is a leaderboard with the total points scored as well as with the lowest two dropped total.
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Thanks Southpaw. Was hoping thinggs wernt as grim as i thought.
Nice one guys! Well done to all and `hats off' to Andrew killing Clan once again. :blue-cool:
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Did the lures work
dreamfish Wrote:Nice one guys! Well done to all and `hats off' to Andrew killing Clan once again. :blue-cool:

thank you dreamfish :blue-biggrin:
Here fishy, fishy, fishy here fishy.

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