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WCBAA Elite Series Regionals

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Tight lines to all the BFSA members fishing the WCBAA Elite Series this Saturday 21 March 2015 at Tweewaterskloof.

This is the last event of the Western Division Season so make it count for that elusive top 10 finish for the season to qualify to go to Nationals.

Catch you on the water
Regards Robert Jacobs
Hey Nav, fish properly so we can go play @ Bidmar in October........
Hi Rip..I am afraid this might be too steep a hill for me to climb in my second season. At least I have a bit of history this season which might help for a place or two.
Regards Robert Jacobs
No man, same here but I'm talking about the Inter Provs, which is a less steep hill.
That would vey very cool if I can get into the team again. Would love to get a fish in at Goedies as well since we wil be so close! Two years ago was a blast at Goedies.
Regards Robert Jacobs
Event was cancelled due to bad weather. Moved to backup date in April.
Regards Robert Jacobs
Pity, but that's how it goes. I'm rooting for you Nav.
I fished it on Sunday and only managed 8 fish...

Abos did they start biting after 4?
All the best tothe WCBAA Elite Series boys for this weekend's final event of the season at Theewaterskloof. Travel safe and tight lines.

Weather looks a lot better but reports of low water levels are coming in. Anglers are advised to be careful if you are running past the bridge to the western side of the dam. Water is very low to the left of Champagne island and anglers are advised to choose the deeper water to the right of the island if you are heading towards Graymead.
Regards Robert Jacobs

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