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Xcite Raptor Tail Jr Craw review by Wired2Fish

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webbrent Wrote:Hi Kassie,
I have personally had great success using the Xcite Baits Raptor Tail Chunk on a pegged carolina or Mojo in and around grass beds.

Reason I prefer a pegged carolina is I can easily adjust the weight position from the bait allowing the weight to dive into the grass and the bait to float on top of the submerged grass bed.

Web, you're giving away my plans here man!
And I just KNOW that flippin RipRap character is like a vulture - circling overhead, looking for morsels. :eusa_silenced: :eusa_whistle:

But yes - that's my idea - something like a hybrid texas/mojo pegged yet "flexible".
Some swimming pool testing will be necessary Wink

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