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Where to start?

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Hi guys as some of you know I want start Bass fishing very soon. And I was wondering which of the waters between Durban and PMB is a good place to start? I don't have a boat. Thanks.
Hi! Great choice to start fishing, Best food for your soul out there. Sorry can't help with info, live in limpopo! Best of luck.
"At night when I go to sleep.... I count Bass instead of sheep!"
You can fish from the side from all major dams in KZN. Midmar, Albert Fall, Nagle, Inanda and Hazelmere. The best from the side is probably Nagle dam.

You have to get yourself a kickboat or some for of craft as it just opens up so many more options.
The more I learn about fishing the more I realise
how much more I have to learn about fishing.
Thanks for the input guys.
By the way what lures will be best?
Watermelon fluke or senko.
The more I learn about fishing the more I realise
how much more I have to learn about fishing.
there is also 2 small dams in Hillcrest you could try. 1 is right along side the M13 as you go past the Hillcrest offramp (travelling from DBN to PMB) take the hillcrest offramp, turn right, go over the freeway, turn left straight after the bridge, head down the hill till you see the dam on the right hand side. the other is in hillcrest itself. if you take the hillcrest (old main road) offramp travelling from dbn to PMB. at the end of the offramp turn right, cross over the freeway, at the very next robot, turn right again, go past the golf driving ramge, follow this road for aout 2km, you will end up at a 3 way stop street. go straight through the stop street, and the dam is on your left hand side (150m after the stop street).

the first dam is quite dangerous (multiple hijackings and robberies, not advisable going by yourself) the other dam is more than safe.

i found the first dam i mentioned was good using lures that make a noise while retrieving, also green colored flukes. the second dam is good with flukes and worms, also dark colored.

you can also fish at shongweni dam, rent a canoe, and spend the day going round the whole dam while fishing different spots. i found worms and flukes to work best here too.
Welcome Rhino. Just to be sure, I hope these dams you are referring to are open to the public and no permissions are required? BFSA does not endorse a free for all fishing policy on private waters.
yeah, they are open and free to the public. at shongweni dam, its run by the same guys as nagel dam, and they require you to buy a day license.
Thanks RSA-Rhinos. I check out both waters the second one you mentioned was quite small but looks good. There are a lot of lily pads. Would this be a good place to try frog lures?
ive tried frogs there, unsuccessfully. best option is to texas rig a green / brown worm and use that. ive seen many fish caught there with that method.
Ok. Thanks.
How do you fish a Texas rigged worm? I'll be fishing from the bank.

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