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Applethwaite Brightsight comp 2015 Report

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So my Saturday morning started off early (probably the same time some of the campers decided to go to sleep).
I decided I was going to park my bakkie at the river launch site and then walk back to the registration, that was a good idea. At registration the guys there were all in a good social vibe, the smell of bacon filled the air.
After chatting to some of the guys I made my way back river and set up my tube and stood in line to get on the water.

It was a bit of a mission but everybody made it on the water. I had a plan in mind and I was happy to see most of the field head up stream. I was throwing my frog as I was kicking along to my first spot with only one blow up to show for it. When I got to my spot the sun had only been on it for a few minutes so I was keen to make the most of the low light conditions. It didn’t take long for the fish to show themselves by attacking my frog but he missed it completely. So I put it in the same spot and let it sit and with a slight splash it was gone. I set the hook and my rod buckled…not the same fish that hit me the previous cast. Then it showed itself by trying to jump out the water, mouth wide open, gills flared, head shaking from side to side, that typical heart stopping stuff. During all this Barry was on with his big fish, it was awesome to have a glance over every now and then to see another big fish being fought. Well done that was a beast on top water!
I eventually got her in the net and only then did I realise how big she was…adrenaline kicked in big time then.

I stayed there for quite some time hoping that there would be some more fish in the area, but not so much as a knock. So I moved on chatting to whoever was nearby. By now the sun was up so I switched to a weightless fluke and soon picked up a nice solid fish and not long after that another but just bigger than keeper size. Things were looking great for once, got bag early in the day and I only wanted to cull out the smallest fish.

I made my way to the weir and chatted with some of the guys on the boats only to find out that the fishing wasn’t so great on that side. I hung around there for a while remembering that a decent fish came out that area in last years comp.
Moving along I picked up two more little one but weren’t going cull. So in the hope of there being some fish in my first spot I went there and worked it properly but again nothing.

That was that for my day, there was still a good few hours to go but I could get anymore bites. It was time for me to go weigh in at Weighmaster Mick. My big one came in at 2.51kg and my other 2 were 2.63kg if I remember correctly. I packed up and made my way back to the club house and stood around chatting.

Then it was time for prize giving and with every name that was read out that wasn’t mine I became more and more anxious. I knew I had a solid bag but you never know at Applethwaite but it turned out I did enough to win. What a feeling!

A massive thank you to all that was involved in making this competition happen. From the weighmasters, organisers, all the sponsors and the Lions Club. I will definitely be back next year.
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Well done Bud about time!!! well fished!! :eusa_dance:
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Well done!
Nice one southpaw a d once again congrats :eusa_clap:
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Awesome fishing SP. Well done on the win!
Regards Robert Jacobs
Well done mate !! - exciting feeling..
All you touch and all you see is all your life will ever be
congrats on the win !
well done bro. nice win!

Nice one SP!!!
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Awesome stuff bru!!
Good Luck Fishin'
Nice going buddi.
Thanks guys, looking forward to next years one.
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