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The effect of load shedding on your favourite dam.

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I thought I'd raise this issue and would like to know if anyone has given thought to the health risks both for fisherman and quarry. Yesterday I read an article buried in a local community newspaper about fish kills and raw sewage flowing into one of my local fishing spots. This was caused by power outages affecting sewage pumping stations and the overflow ending up in the storm water system which drains into the vlei. Photographs show dead carp, tilapia and bass. This has been going on for 2 weeks now and it hasn't been mentioned in main stream news. Contact with the water is to be avoided. (Affected vlei is Little Princess in Cape Town) It's just a question of time over when it happens in Langevlei, Zandvlei and Rutter Road.

[Image: 313nfkl.jpg]
Same happened at Muizenberg in about 2012. The leiries were decimated while trying to find good water. Really horrible scenes with people using things like pitchforks to wipe out the breeding stock
Marmaduke Wrote:Same happened at Muizenberg in about 2012. The leiries were decimated while trying to find good water. Really horrible scenes with people using things like pitchforks to wipe out the breeding stock

Yeah, we managed to rescue some Leeries though. I filmed this at the time. Seven Leeries were trapped between the polluted water and the sandbar blocking the mouth and guys were lining up to nail them. We got there after a meeting in Muizenberg and scooped them up under their noses. That's Chris Fallows doing the sprinting to the sea. All leeries were released safely into the bay.
Nice! We need more guys like that. Wish I was there to see the would be anglers shitting themselves wile you ran of with that fish.
The same thing happens to fish at one of the local dams in Worcester, during spawning time. You get schmucks targeting a well known spawning area and removing females full of eggs. Not just bass but carp and the odd snorbek ( not loosing sleep over them though). I have seen the same guys "fishing" from 7am to 6pm every day for a week and removing all the fish they "caught".
Taking advantage of the spawn is one thing, but exploiting it is just wrong and selfish! RATBASTERDS.
Just saying.
bummmer, read this just yesterday. Then while fishing in my estate dam this morning I smell the unmistakeable smell of pooh. Checked that it wasn't me first and then proceeded to check the surroundings. Sure enough there lies a steady trickle of sewage leaking into the dam, right smack bang on the best fishing spot in the dam. Apparently a sewage line running along the side of the dam. still waiting to hear how bad it is and when it will be fixed.
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Cities of Cape Town and iThekweni - WAKE UP!
Eskom, DA & ANC and other entities running municipalities and supporting infrastructure - WAKE UP EVEN MORE BRUS!

Whilst the power is in short supply, the people of SA are still load shedding and that's the problem. Stop poisoning our drinking water and our and our wildlife's heritage..........
I'm getting reports of dead or dying fish in Marina Da Gama at Zandvlei since Saturday. Waiting on feedback from the reserve. This does not look good.
Shocking and unacceptable!
To the guys that fish Rutter Road, have you seen any dead or dying fish on that side? If so, please note species and approximate sizes. I need some pics please. <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href="" onclick=";return false;"></a><!-- m -->
From Nature Conservation.
Two Oceans Aquarium have kindly offered to conduct an autopsy on carp specimens to try determine if the carp die off is disease related. At the moment there are only dead carp which is usual after spawning events. The numbers of dead fish however are not normal and could be related to some other factor. No other fish species are being affected.
We have already conducted Dissolved Oxygen readings at points around Zandvlei and these are satisfactory. We will be checking salinity in the vlei today to see if this is a contributing factor.
From Nature Conservation.
Salinity readings taken yesterday are very low <1/1000 and will not be a factor for carp. Dead specimens taken to Two Oceans Aquarium for autopsy were inconclusive. New fresh (living – sick) specimens were taken through again today and are being dissected now. There are only dead carp being recorded.
We have had feedback from Georgina the vet from the Two Oceans Aquarium who has very kindly assisted us in trying to get to the bottom of the carp deaths. She has not yet confirmed (this will take a few more days and some funding from us, as well as the assistance of a private lab), but she suspects that it is the Koi Herpes Virus. This would explain why only carp have been affected.

This may have been caused by an introduced specimen, but many populations of carp carry the virus anyway. Sometimes when the fish are stressed, particularly post spawn, or in water warmer than 25 degrees Celsius, the disease manifests.

All Cyprinids are susceptible. (includes Goldfish)

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