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Groenvlei Roadtrip

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I fetched JM last Thursday morning and we made our way through to Mossel Bay where we spent the night. Well not much more to say about that lol.

Friday after a hearty breakfast and a little bit of work in Mossel Bay we moved through to George. The venue is a magical place and the facilities really are top drawer. After some good pizza and the captains meeting, it was off to bed.

Saturday morning saw us up super early and the water looked good. Having never fished the venue before we made our way up the bank and pitched the reed pockets and threw some search baits. We managed a couple keepers but nothing great. JM managed a better fish but soon the wind came up and we were in a spot of bother on a trolling motor only venue! Most guys had spare batteries and or multiple trolling motors. Next year I'll be on the plain! We made our way back to the launch an hour before end of session and weighed only 4 keepers.

End of day 1....12th place and struggling! We did a bit of a rethink and setup rods accordingly. A good spit braai and complimentary pizza later and off to bed.

Sunday morning saw nice conditions and what we thought was a better strategy. We made our way all the way up to the Knysna end of the dam and fished some very shallow water. JM managed to pull a muscle in his back early in the day and resorted to pitching pockets and drop shot FROM THE SEAT OF MY BOAT. What a legend he is. We managed a few keepers on BBB Coontails and Fighting Frogs and were feeling just a little better. Back down the bottom end we resorted to light drop shot in the grass and managed a couple more.

The locals seem to have the place waxed and never easy fishing a venue blind for the first time. Especially not in a comp. I was happy with a 9th place overall and some solid prizes. Well done to the rest of the guys on their results.

A big thanks to Riprap and Matthew for sharing the accomodation. Good to meet you guys! Also a big thanks to the organisers for an extremely well run comp with great facilities. Jade, Dean and the rest of the Outeniqua Bassmasters guys - Thanks!

All in all a great trip. Good fun and experience. Nice to fish such a beautiful venue. JM "have you heard of me"'re a trooper bru! Thanks for the laughs and the company.
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Beautiful pictures and report, looks like a real fish haven well done with your results
Sounds like a great trip guys. Cant believe how Chartreuse that bluegill is.
That pic of JM "Im a Zombie" Gravenor is priceless
Awesome Pics guys and well done one the good results for a venue you have not fished before!
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Shot for the trip man. Really needed it. Was super KIFF!

Have you heard of me....Wahahahahaha we will never forget!

Lake Unpleasant for sure.
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Nice one guys! That's a good finish after all. Amazing place that, definitely one of my favorites. :blue-cool:
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Rory It was awesome to meet both you and JM this past weekend. I'm glad you guys had fun, and i look forward to seeing you guys again soon.
Had a good chuckle on friday evening when i heard about the do you know who I am story...

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