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A Day at Mofam

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Today has been a Friday off that I have eagerly anticipated for some time...Bassmar had made a purchase of a Mofam Voucher which allows two anglers for four full days fishing on their we were going to utilise the first day of this voucher and spend the day on this great piece of water.Everything started off early,as usual and we got to the venue at 7:30 and unpacked our kit and parked the car.Not sure what time the staff are supposed to get there to book you in,but we fished for half an hour from the bank to eat some time as we were the only persons 8:00 I had 3 fish from the side,two of them good keepers.This was going to be a good day,I thought.
Eventually,staff arrived with trolley bearing batteries and safety kit,but the boats were swamped and had to have the water drained off the deck before we could set off.This is where everything started to get pear shaped...the front trolling motor direction indicator was completely the opposite...after initially going head first back into the jetty and almost going for an early morning swim,the direction was soon worked out according to this motor.We had barely managed ten minutes going down river with a front trolling motor that vibrated SO much,I was convinced it was chasing away the fish, when the first battery was flat and the trolling motor stopped.I have,over the years ,learnt to travel heavy and took my own fully charged battery for this very reason.It was hitched up and we were vibrating our way again,this time the entire boat was feeling the abuse of a crappy,unbalanced motor.We were catching fish,so it was a case of make the best of what you have.The boat was full of water below the deck and whenever we leaned over to land a fish all the under deck water went to the side you were going to,almost to the point where the we would take water in over the side if we did not balance it out.What a PATHETIC excuse of a boat to have to pay to use.
Having got to the lower end,it was turnaround time so we decided to get back and get two new batteries as we were still using my one.Got to the jetty,new battery fitted...we traveled upstream and the replenished battery went flat...within sight of the jetty !! Unbelievable,so it was back to my battery for the one side of the bank,then we used the back trolling motor battery to bring us home.
I have read on this site for years about the improvement in this equipment,particularly with the recent sale of the vouchers so there could be some improved boats and motors to work with.Granted,some money has been spent on purchasing new trolling motors for the rear,but it is the FRONT trolling motor that is used 99% of the time...these ones are stuffed ! And without decent new batteries your day is close to a disaster.
If I was a voucher holder,such as Bassmar, and many others who put their money up front for the specific intention of having new trolling motors and batteries for those waterlogged boats,I would be SERIOUSLY upset that my purchase has not been directed to its intended use...that of doing boat repairs so you don't have to drag 200 liters of water around under the deck with a trolling motor that rattles your teeth for the few minutes that a dud battery will allow it to operate.
Mofam,you pulled the wool over the eyes of those people that love to come to your venue to support YOU...Time you put back into the equipment instead of the back pocket !
Life is not about the number of breaths we make,but the moments that take our breath away.
This is absolutely unbelievable. A couple of months ago we had a similar experience, batteries not working, the front trolling motor was also giving problems with the direction indicator. The boat would just veer off in a direction of it's own, needless to say the end result was I lost my specticles overboard (R6000.00) trying to sort out all this sh......t was I
Hi smurf! Jas janee! three of my work buddies wanted to go fish on Wednesday. One can fish, and one has caught a bass before, and the other has never caught a fish. so I thought what better place to go than to mofam!

Everybody was super exited and I told them about that pretty piece of water and all the fish there is.. etc etc.. I also told them that a couple of months ago they were speaking about getting the boats in shape again.. so they should be done by now?

Got there, and there was a little breeze. I quickly noticed that to go straight with the foot controlled trolling motor, my foot is at a very steep foreword angle.. my back lasted about 20 minutes.. then I switched to driving it with my hands.. at around 9 I had 3 fish and one of my buddies got one... but all our batteries were moeg.

at 9 I put my rod down and focused all my efforts just to go somewhere with that boat.. using ores aswell. I radios the guys and they brought us new batteries. one was dead from the start, and the othe other lasted 5 minutes.

Pathetic!! I honestly would've been less frustrated sitting at work. And I would've atleast made money there, instead of wasting it at mofam!

The bite was on, and that made it so much worse. by 11 we made it to the jetti, and I payed and I left. klaar!

Wind wasn't ideal there. but if I took my own battery with, I would've caught much more fish! My boat is 4 times as heavy as those boats, and my trolling motor is smaller than theirs.. and I only have one battery.. but I would've been able to fish that place the whole day even in that wind. from top to bottom.
I would be surprized if 2/3 of my tjommies is not completely put off from bass fishing.
This is sad to hear such a great venue has been reduced to faint shadow of its former greatness. And Mofam can say what they want but they have exploited nature and bass anglers for just too long. The boats are buggered and the fish quality have reduced year on year. Well done Mofam you have managed to destroy something great all for self gain.

Remember we were there from the start and its a disgrace how things just keep going backwards year on year.

Time to get your act together!!!!
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And there I thought it was just me.......
Couple of weeks ago I took my son out to Mofam - having read the great reports and wanting him to have a great day on the water chasing some Bass.....

There was a light breeze blowing and going downstream we quickly realized that this was going to be a battle as the batteries were almost flat from the word go and the breeze pushing us backwards even with the trolling motor running "wide open"

We did catch a few smaller fish, but was really disappointed as most of the time I was fighting the wind trying hopelessly to remain at a spot and staying away from the rocky shoreline - not at all easy with three batteries which were as good as gone.

I shook it off as possibly bad luck and that I just drew a bad boat.....
Please I am not bad mouthing the venue of their facilities - I just believe that taking the other reports, if they really wanted to do something they could have done it by now. Would love to go back there and try my luck again, but think I should wait until they decided to sort out their issues.
OUCH! You have got to be joking!!? I had that same #$%!#$%!#@$% boat with the indicator all stuffed up at the beginning of the year! What makes it worse is that you can turn the boat only a little to the right side but a CRAP load to the other side. So if you want to go right you have to take the boat to the left and keep on going left until the boat has done a full 270 degrees! Seriously frustrating!

You know what will help!? Opening a section to float tubers! No expense to Mofam - Just profit! (Yes yes I know, :eusa_naughty: cannot do this due to ski'ing etc etc because tubers are known to fish in the middle of a dam.... :eusa_wall: blah blah blah - *sigh*)
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Reading all of this really upsets and frustrates me especially the fact that I was one of the very lucky anglers to fish Mofam in its prime many years ago, but now it is getting a really bad reputation for below average fishing lack of maintenance all due to profiteering.
A very sad situation indeed !
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Smurf, I have had this exact experience countless times at mofam (over a period of 2 years already, so this is very old news to me). The final straw was when we booked a night's stay there which ain't cheap considering what you get and both days the boats where shocking and I experienced the same frustration as you did for the umpteenth time. Close to 2k wasted.

It's the exact reason I would not buy the voucher system they proposed before the boats were fixed. I suggested they first replace the motors and then guys will buy the vouchers but I was shot down for making that suggestion and I hate to say it but I was right, guys have purchased vouchers only to be stuck with broken boats and dare i say promises

Mofam really sucks now, Day rental has gone up but motor quality has deteriorated. Previously we could launch before sunrise. Now it's 8/830 and you have to be back by 5pm?

It's actually now much easier and cheaper to fish off their canoes.

Trying to get them to fix this is like flogging a dead horse. Mofam has asked for our advice on what they should do but they dont take our advice. you can search and read their posts (I cant find the specific one at the moment). There is some reason why the majority of our suggestions are not suitable for them.

They clearly don't have the money to get new foot control motors, so perhaps they should re look at our suggestions.

As Roy says it's really sad as in its prime it was an amaising experience.

I also had that motor with the broken indicator and offset pedal. This was just before all promises were made what they were going to do.

In the week I was thinking taking a client there who would like to have a go at bass fishing again.

Luckily I read this, as I was going to tell him what a great place I'm going to take him to.

No ways!
This is very disappointing, its starting to make the voucher system look like a 419 scam...
I'm sad, actually...
Had the same problem about 2 months ago. Loaded the tackle on the boat, after initially using the back motor to depart from jetty I then tried using the front motor but ended going in all sorts of directions as the indicator was pointing in opposite directions. After about 10 min the battery went flat then tried to use the back motor to get back to jetty but even that was a slow crawl. Got batteries swapped and managed to wangle my understanding of the direction indicator This is now about 30min later. Fished to about 12h00 then battery is beginning to go flat on front motor. Second battery around 15h00. Wind picked and we decided to head back to jetty. 100m took about 30min at full power and both motors running. Seems like everyone has the same issues. Mofam is not the same. I didn't mind driving 45 minutes to get there spending money on petrol, snack box for boat having a couple of beers at the bar and paying for the boat. but when you start having issues like this on the boats I sometimes think why did I bother coming. Could have just fished at Rutter Road, cheaper, quicker and stuff works.
I've only been there once when I took my grandson on his first bassing trip. I decided that his intro to bassing should be Mofam because of all the reports of great fishing . . . long story short . . . I had to call them to send a boat to tow us in because I had no control of the boat with the result that the wind took us on a "magical mystery tour" and when I tried to go against the wind to get us back, the batteries just said "Kannie meer nie Korporaal"
Now my grandson gives me the finger every time I ask him to come bassing with me. :blue-evil:
I would love to see what Mofam`s response would be as there are a good few disgruntled anglers and this cannot be good for business.
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