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KBT Applethwaite 8 Nov 2014 report

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First and foremost a BIG thank you to Mike and Roy for organising the venue and running the comp. It was awesome to be on Applethwaite for the second time this year and I hope this continues.

Ok down to the report. I had prepped and reprepped for this comp, that’s how excited I was to fish it. Anyway so I arrived at the meeting place and found Roy to pay my entry fee and stood around chatting to the usual suspects.

After a dusty drive down to the dam it was game time, set up and get on the water asap. That slip looked like the taxi rank in town, chaos!

I stuck to the left bank casting into the shallows and it wasn’t long until I had my first bass in the livewell. Soon after I had another but he needed to be culled.

I carried on up the bank chatting to people along the way and we all seemed to be catching the same size fish. By now I had made my way up to the top of the dam where there were hardly any guys which suited me just fine.

I had a flurry if catches, all around the same size so I was culling grams at a time, not what you want to do at Applethwaite.

I decided to head to the wall and kicked around a few guys. On the way I was told, by Rory I think, that he saw a big fish but it wasn’t interested in his bait. So that just got me going there a little quicker. I was pitching into pockets in between the grass and letting it sit for a few seconds.

JM had joined me in the same area and while we were chatting I felt the bite and set the hook but this bass had other plans and ran me deep into the grass and after a short fight she broke me off. Man I was bummed. That felt like a big fish. After regrouping I retied and carried on in the same area. I managed another fish the same size as the others but fatter, again culling by grams.

It was time to give this spot a rest so I went to the other corner of the wall were Roy and I fished side by side catching a few. Roy then told me of a 4kg that was caught, man the knocked the wind out of my sails.

As the day wore on I became more desperate to catch that bigger class of fish, it didn’t help that the bite had died down. It was also about that time I was doing more kicking that fishing and also doubting my tactics which is not what you want in a comp.

Time was running out so I started heading back to the slip chatting to guys on the way. After seeing some of the fish being weighed in I was almost ashamed of what I brought to the scales.

I was a fun day out as always and what made it better was the piece of water we were fishing.

Well done to Lambert, JM and Tyrone for finishing in the money and to Tryone and JM for landing new PB’s

See you guys at Bulshoek
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Nice report. That is a great pic!

What a privilege to fish that body of water.

'The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated'. Mahatma Gandhi
Nice report SP! Next time. Wink
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Lekka report SP. Thanks for sharing!
Regards Robert Jacobs
Nice report man.
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Lekker Southpaw. I prefer reading report backs than reading the things on the other threads at the moment. Wink

Right i heard that there were 41 one of you okes there on Saturday so lets have those report backs boys? So far only JM and Southpaw have given report backs. Lets get some positive vibes going again....
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Nice going dude.
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BillyBass Wrote:Lets get some positive vibes going again....

Can't agree more...I think we should introduce a fines system for negative posts... :blue-badgrin:
Regards Robert Jacobs
Navrik Wrote:
BillyBass Wrote:Lets get some positive vibes going again....

Can't agree more...I think we should introduce a fines system for negative posts... :blue-badgrin:

Fines Meeting!!!! :eusa_dance: :blue-shock:
Thanks guys. I'm surprised there aren't more reports for this kbt with the amount of big fish caught. Maybe they are waiting for the results to be published.
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