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Alternative Texas rig - used by "Hier Gaan Ons Alweer"crowd

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Hi Guys,

I was watching that "other" fishing show earlier this week ( Hier Gaan Ons Alweer) , and they were bass fishing , but what interested me was the way they were rigging their worms.

It was basically a texas rig , but the sliding sinker was stopped just a few centimeters above the worm with what looked like "stoppers" or something.
( Did not watch the full episode , only part of it). In other word , not a texas or mojo rig , the sliding sinker was stopped 2 - 5 cm above the worm.

Are any of you guys using this rig ? And if so why , what are the advantages ?
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I also saw that.... Don't think he's a KVD when it comes to bass fishing....
But who am I to say try it and see how it works for you....
They were using two gummy stoppers to prevent the texas rigged sinker to move closer to the hook.

I think It was a slight variation on a mojo rig. They all tend to come more from an artlure background except of the guest angler Richard Partridge from Brilliant Bass Boats that build the Terminator, Xterminator (one of the boats from which they were fishing off), Predator as well as an association with Skeeter.
Regards Robert Jacobs
That is a Mojo rig, just pegged.

[Image: 1371117_zpsf9adf0eb.jpg]

It works well with a lure that has buoyancy as it sits just off the bottom.
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They used the wrong weight also had it in much closer to the hook....

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