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Plastics for smaller bass?

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Hey guys
Im new to bassing hence i joined this forum.I have a small pond available to fish.It has small bass & kurper.Pls recommend a few basic plastics/lures to catch these suckers?
Grubs and 4" senkos.
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Those small fish were either stocked or bigger fish made them so don't just assume there are small fish only. Maybe not plastics but small Mepps inline spinners work well too.
Try the rapala S11 or S9,think its now called the F11 or F9 now. Excellent lure for catching lure to use for both big or small fish, also get lures that resemble the baitfish present at your pond which is kurper. Happy fishing
Thanks guys,just a few q's

1.What are 4" senko's & where do i get them
2. Is the mepps inline spinner just a standard spinner with a blade? & where to get them?
Hey safly, looks like you've got a steep learning curve ahead. It is great fun learning to catch bass so enjoy.

I suggest you do bit of googling on the basics though. If somone suggest a 4" senko just google senko. :eusa_angel:

Fishing those small dams can be great fun but can be really tough at times.

When you start catching small bass keep a look at for any bigger fish getting drawn in by the sound and vibrations of small fish in distress. I have often seen and caught fish around the 1.5 - 2 kg range after catching smaller fish in small ponds.

Most of the ponds around my area (Gillitts) are full of lillies and other weeds. Spinners and crankbaits will just dredge the pond. Weightless flukes and horny toads work well.

Go to Complete angler in Kloof or Bass Warehouse in Hillcrest and they will assist you.
I can see you are new to this wonderful sport. Forget about all the fancy plastic lures and stuff and keep it simple and easy at first. Get some grubs and 4" senkos in watermelon red flake and green pumpkin. You can catch big and small bass on them and they are easy to use. You can work from there and as your confidence grow in this sport you can buy other lures for bass. Be careful to buy everything in the beginning, as you grow in this sport you will learn that most of those lures you bought never see the water. Remember salesmen will try to sell anything to make money.
If you are not sure ask the guys on this forum, they are a bunch of good people and great bass anglers and will help where they can. Good luck.
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breedesmallie Wrote:.......If you are not sure ask the guys on this forum, they are a bunch of good people and great bass anglers and will help where they can. Good luck.

This must definitely be the statement of the week Breede ou maat! :lol:

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