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Eikenhof Dam

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Floatie and I decided to hit the Grabouw Country Club last weekend for a birthday picnic with our families.

I was amazed to see when we arrived at the local supermarket at the turnoff from the N2 that my Splash Bass had miraculously attached herself to my Forester's tow bar. She was probably feeling a bit depressed after our annual hibernation season here in the Western Cape so I decided to let it slide and allow her to play a bit in the clear water of Eikenhof.

It was my first time at the venue and although the size of the bass is severely hampered by the PH of the water (I was led to believe) it is really one of the most beautiful places I have seen. Water levels were nice and high which meant launching my boat from the grass was no problem at all. Eikenhof is a trolling motor only venue and cost R50 per person for the day.

Floatie and I went out for a short session and he was quickly rewarded by one of the undersized Eikehof largies. Unfortunately the phone rang and the ladies insisted that the meat were looking for some attention from the two designated braaiers for the day...

We quickly got the fire going and decided there was just enough time for a second session. Unfortunately my tired old Mercury Thruster 41lb trolling motor decided that this was its goodbye voyage and died a slow and sudden death.

After attending to the needs of our families we were restricted to a bit of bank bashing with the hope of getting my two beautiful daughters into some fish.


The lures of choice was my new favourite - Xcite Baits Baby Ubershad in Watermelon Red on light mojo which seems to be working everywhere lately.

The Eikenhof bass could not resist the temptation and this was the result:


Regards Robert Jacobs
Good to see the girls get stuck into some fish!

Oh and you two girls too lol :blue-badgrin:
[Image: SignatureSmallBFSA_zps89bcf1e2.png]
Roy Wrote:Good to see the girls get stuck into some fish!

Oh and you two girls too lol :blue-badgrin:

Looks good guys! What a great family outing....
[Image: fishingsignature.JPG]

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