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Plastic lure making help please

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Hi All

I want to start making my own soft plastics. But where do you get the colouring and the glitter for the lures. Read up and you cannot use normal glitter because of the heat. Is there anyone who can help please? Looks like a very nice hobby to do along with the fishing. I’m in centurion pretoria.

Thanks :eusa_dance:
I would like to know how to do this as well... Would be awesome to make your own and test them Smile
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Send Nutt a PM. He'll sort you out
Thanks Marmaduke will do

Does anyone have a number for nutt, he is not replying to the pm I send him.

I sent you a PM with his details.
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Hi Snaga
There are basically two methods of making your own plastic baits...hand pouring them and using an injector to pressure fill the mould. I have been making sencos,flukes and stretch 40 baits for years,and find the injection method better and faster.Nutt supplies the raw material (plastisol) but the colours I get mainly from Bears Baits in the USA.Buy small quantities as you use very little dye and glitter...4 or 8 oz units are more than enough to get started.Give me a pm if there is anything I can help you with...better still,when you in the CT area,give me a shout and we can pour some baits that catch fish.There are a lot of things I have learnt over the years that you dont read about...biggest is safety...keep in a ventilated area,use UNCHIPPED and UNCRACKED high heat jugs and always wear eye wear and gloves...that plastic just burns like hell if it can !
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