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Secret spot beauty 2

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So I returned to the spot I found earlier this year and spent the weekend. Will keep the report short. It was cold....very cold....which seemed to put a damper on the feeding frenzy I had experienced at this venue earlier in the year. But I put in the effort and some really nice fish were landed on cranks and plastics. The morning of day 2 I had to get off the water and start a fire to warm up....did I mention it was cold? The bight seemed to be more 'reaction' or 'opportunistic' as apposed to feeding....but was great to once again be on this secluded piece of water in the middle of nowhere. Really a good reminder of what it's about and why I fish....until next time my large mouthed beauties....
[Image: fishingsignature.JPG]
Nice report and photos the new shirt :blue-wink:
Regards Robert Jacobs
Nicely done Rory!
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