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Bass camo

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Hi guys
I was wondering about the way bass addapt to their environment. Their color in particular. The lighter the water the lighter the fish, the darker the water the darker the fish. Same applies to their patterns. So how long does it take them to "evolve"? They blend in perfectly. Never caught a fish where that was not the case. Any thaughts?
Happy hunting
I have limited experience but have seen just the opposite, the "darker" (dirtier) the water the lighter the fish and the "lighter" (clearer) the water the darker the bass. Maybe it is it is just hear in the local KZN dams that I fish?
[Image: dbfa278d-72d0-4191-8a1b-dfc8df2ce222_zps5101ae66.jpg]
100% Ninja. The cleaner the water the darker the fish.

Both these fish come from Inanda. The light one is from up river in the dirty water and the other by the wall in super clean water.

[Image: 9IMG_2088_zpsbe4c59d7.jpg]

[Image: 4IMG_2605_zpse1897330.jpg]

So theory is dark water dark lures. Clean water light coloured lure. Theory is not always right, :blue-biggrin:
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Maybe its to do with the color of the bottom of the body of water. Can you remember the color for both fish? A lot of the time bass attack from below. So if a bass is black on top and the ground below it is black, will make it more dificult to spot from above? Sort of like a white shark.
My theory is they get a bit more of a "sun tan" in clearer shallower water.
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Hi guys

it has something to do with the light. The clearer the water the more light that penetrates it so because of this the top part of the fish becomes darker to camo it from predators from above ( Fish eagle) and the bottom becomes whiter to act as a camo from predators below. this allows them to blend in a bit better.
I am sure there are color variations but the biggest reason a fish might appear pale or dark is how long they've been in deep water.

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