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Action Camera's

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I have been toying with the idea of buying a Go Pro and now that I have done a little research it doesn’t seem to clear cut… Go Pro vs Sony vs Garmin VIRB and others… anyone got actual experience with any of these others and got strong feeling either way?
Regards Rob
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Tough question. You will need a geek of note or someone who has tested all. Have you googled some reviews and comparisons? I got a gopro hero3 black and love it. Only downfall is battery life. I keep a few spares!
Froggy has posted quite a few vid's he has shot, check with him.
Heard the new ghost's are good. Ive got a gopro. Real easy to use
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We had a few of the Drift Ghosts on the water this weekend at the Bass Challenge. Haven't taken a look at the footage as yet, but sure we got some great footage.

I have a GoPro myself, but must be honest the functionality of the Drift is just as good if not better, but as far as user friendliness goes the Drift has some quirks which allow for easier user operation. Besides the 3 and a half hour estimated recording time on the drift as opposed to the 2 hours on the GoPro there are 4 HUGE selling points for me as a Bass Angler on the Drift. (1) Built in LCD (This is an additional accessory that needs to be purchased with GoPro +- R1000), (2) 300 Degree Rotatable Lense, (3) The dual communicating wrist strap (Gopro wifi pack with remote +- R800) with built in LED's to let you know what feature your Drift unit is on (Video, Picture, Burst Shot etc... and then probably the best selling feature for me, (4) The time stamping feature. It allows you to set a preset time like 10s or 2min or longer, so if you hook into a bass and land it (Usually takes no longer than 2min) then once under better circumstances you hit record, the unit then retrieves the soft recorded data back from 2 min ago and starts hard recording it to the flash card, it then proceeds to record an additional 4min after the 2min period (kind of past, present, future).

All in all...from a price point...The drift comes with a ton of built-in's and standard box content that you need to purchase as optional extra's with the GoPro. Yet the Drift Ghost (Latest Model) and it's Rival (GoPro Black) are priced along the same lines, except for the optional extra's on the GoPro which would set you back another +-R3,000 to get the similar features and abilities.

Here is a comparison sheet Rob, maybe it will help a bit in your decision.

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Rob, I have the Hero3 Silver and it is a great camera, however, to get everything you need for all situations, it can work out pricey. Also there are one or two software glitches that have given people issues before, but there are software updates readily available if you have any issues.

The Silver edition is more than adequate for fishing filming and costs +- R1000 less than the Black (top of the range), but if you want the highest definition and fps, then the black is the one you want (It can film up to 4k which most monittors cannot even display). Have a look at my video below. It is filmed at 960p at 48fps. The reason I film at that is because it allows the best compromise between quality and battery/storage duration.

The silver cost me R3600 (good price)

+-R800 for a 64gb micro sd (you could do with a 32 gb card if you weren't going to film for more than about 4-5 hours or in 1080p and up.

+-R250 for the head strap mount

+-R150 for the open casing (not necessary unless you want to film with it connected to a power source)

The GoPro comes with built in wifi, which means you can download the free GoPro app and control the camera from the app (up to +- 50 metres away) and you can see what the gopro is filming on the screen of your phone. Therefore, you don't really need the items mentioned by Brent if you have the app. If what Brent says is true regarding the prices, you should be able to get my combo for around the same price as the ghost. You can purchase an extra battery or a battery pack if you want more filming time, or connect it to a power source like I do on my kickboat and then with a 64gb card I can record continuously for more than 10-12 hours.

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Give me a shout if you want more info. . . hope this helps.
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I have a go pro...old first I cursed it all the time because I didn't know what I was doing and when you charge the remote for have to remember to switch it off once it reaches full charge...otherwise you unplug it and go fishing to find it has gone flat so you have to run the remote via you app...more of a pain in the butt than anything...trying to run a phone and the camera not a good idea...I have the app on my iphone and ipad...useless while you trying to catch fish and film.

if you remember to switch off the remote and it works on the day.... best attach it to a here is the bonus the remote last most of the day switched on....and you can switch the camera on and off from the remote which works great because you save camera battery power when the fishing is dead...the only catch is it takes a couple of seconds to reboot the camera if you have switched it off...if the camera is switched on you can stop and start the record instantly from the remote...with the camera mounted on the motor at the back of the boat it covers you and your partner fishing on the boat and the water...not if you are fishing into the sun...footage is is ideal to have 2 cameras on the boat with one on the front and one on the back which could help with the direct sun light.

the other problem with the go pro is the daylight...once the sun goes down so does your picture gets really bad.

I cant comment on other action cameras...but I can say the iphone 5 takes really great videos without the rugby ball effect of the go pro...and the iphone 5 has an action pack so you can mount it etc.

so in a nutshell if you are going to film on a perfectly sunny day but not into the sun...with short bursts( or carry a pile of batteries)...and you don't plan on dipping the camera into the water (because it mists the screen even with the patch)every now and again...and don't mind the rugby ball shape video (or have a flat dive lenswhich improves it)...and have a remote to control the camera...the go pro would be the camera to get.

personally I would never buy a go pro ( I didnt buy the one I have it was a swop deal) I would rather spend the money and get the iphone extreme cover.
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Hi all. Just my two pence. I have 2 Gopro's, one HD Hero 2 and one Hero 3 Black. I must say I rarely use the wifi but it's very nice with the iPhone or iPad when I setup a shot, straight forward and easy. And it's a standard feauture on the Hero 3

I have never had fogging inside the camera housing and the underwater shots with the flat lense is fantastic. The Hero 3 can be setup to also take photo's while it's filming and you can adjust the frequency on this. With regards to the fisheye lense, you can also adjust the Field of view to be wide, medium or narrow. Interresting is that if you adjust it to narrow it also actually zoom in a little bit. I mount one on the motor cowling and the other on top of the trolling motor which helps nicely with an angle change. For the nice underwater shots, just remember to get the floaty back door so in case you manually handle it and it drops in the water it does not sink

About the battery, I have the Hero 3 and not the Hero 3+. The Hero3+ has a longer battery life because the Hero 3's battery is a 1050maH and the Hero3+ has a 1180maH battery. Unfortunatly at this stage all the shops are only stocking 1050maH but this will hopefully change. You can also switch off the wifi on the Hero 3 if you want to extend the battery life.

You can have a good shot but if your video editing software is bad your video will be bad. Gopro has free software that is really good and easy to use. I have been through a number of these, MS Moviemaker, Sony Vegas etc and Gopro's sofware is tops.

Lekker fishing.

Thanks so much guys… really appreciate the real world reviews… I have to say the Drift Ghost looks really interesting! The battery life seems to way ahead of the others and perfect to mount on the boat and leave it running for the day! Look forward to seeing some of the footage you shot Brent!
Regards Rob
Vice President SABAA Natal
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I find the most important part of the action cam is not the action cam, but the editing software. If you struggle or it takes really long to edit/import the videos, u will not want to use the camera and it will gather dust. I find macs bundled "imovie" software is super easy to use.

As for the action cam, get the one that is the most user friendly and not going to be a pain. My friend bought a gopro about a year ago, but hasn't used it because it is not the most user friendly thing out there and he hasn't got the time to sit and figure it all out.

So as long as a camera can shoot 720p at 60fps, then for me its good enough. Don't get hung up on the specs, 1080p is overated for various reasons. Rather choose based on the user experience.
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Hey Rob

I got tons of experience with the GoPro. Really simple to use. I had the GoPro2 but sold that and now have the Black edition. Silver edition is perfect for most applications. I got the black purely for its 120fps at 720p. (nice for slow mo)

It is the most expensive and costly to get all the bits and pieces. Battery life is disappointing but think that will be an issue with most of the small action cameras.

I have noticed that Gopro video quality is much better than most. But having said that you really have to be pedantic to notice the quality differences. Easy to notice on a TV but not so much on a PC/web

Search the web for comparison videos such as this one that compares the most popular cameras and read the comments on the video for feedback from users:

I have to say, 120fps at 720p is a spec thats actually useful. GP3 black edition sounds like a good option.
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Rob, a vid you might want to check out.
One fish can change it all.....

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